REVIEW: Cloak & Dagger S1E10 – Colony Collapse

The first season of Cloak & Dagger comes to an impressive, albeit chaotic, end as Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) are revealed to be the newest Divine Pairing as they work together to save New Orleans from a catastrophic end.

One of the more compelling narrative threads that has been woven throughout the season was the introduction of the Divine Pairings throughout history who have fought and sacrificed in order to save New Orleans from certain destruction. In the season finale each pairing was highlighted: two children from a dying Choctaw Indian tribe, The Brothers Wilson, The Unnamed Solider and The Refugee during the Battle of New Orleans, Dr. Jack Rogers and his lover, and now Tandy and Tyrone. All the pairings shared something in common: they worked together but ultimately one of them – whoever bore a mark on his or her left arm – would have to die in sacrifice for the cause.

It’s Mardi Gras and as the city of New Orleans prepares for the parade, Tyrone is sneaking around a building that is being used to store all of the costumes that are going to be worn. He’s looking for his black cloak, and just when he is about to give up hope his father Otis (Miles Mussenden) shows up with the cloak. He had gotten a call from Tyrone’s mother Adina (Gloria Ruben) and he knew the cops were looking for Tyrone. He tells his dad he’s innocent and of course Otis knows this. However, he also knows it doesn’t matter so he gives Tyrone the cloak and tells him to run as fast and as far as he can.

Over at the Mardi Gras parade Tyrone, wrapped in the black cloak, tries his hardest to be inconspicuous in an effort to avoid the cops but his efforts are futile. He takes off running when he gets spotted but he’s stopped at the street by a car. Inside is Detective Brigid O’Reilly (Emma Lahana) and she tells him to get in. Tyrone makes a move to do that but within seconds he is surrounded by cops with their guns drawn.

Once they reach the police station it’s not just Tyrone in cuffs but Brigid as well. They are both walked back to a locked storage cage and put inside. Given that they weren’t put in an actual jail cell it becomes apparent very quickly that they aren’t being legally booked or charged with anything. They aren’t in there long when a cop comes to let them know everybody’s favorite crooked cop is there. Once inside Connors tells Tyrone and Brigid that he’s going to take them out for a ride, and tragically Tyrone’s going to kill Brigid and then the cops will be forced to kill Tyrone. Unfortunately for Detective Connors, before he can carry out his diabolical plan “Terrors” start to flood the station and begin attacking the officers. Luckily for Tyrone and Brigid it’s complete chaos, and they manage to escape their handcuffs and Tyrone gets his cloak back. Brigid holes up in a gun locker while Tyrone puts on his cloak and is transported.

Later at the church Tandy and Tyrone struggle about what they should do. Tyrone’s girlfriend Evita (Noëlle Renée Bercy) shows up and cuts right to the chase, telling them that they’re the Divine Pairing and they will have to work together to save the city. Oh, and yeah, one of them will have to die too.

This is where things start to get a little crazy. Tyrone and Tandy go to the Roxxon building that houses the core that has to be manually shut down. Once there they are met by a large group of Terrors. They are helped out by Brigid, who is on a rooftop and acting as a sniper. After she helps clear a path for them she runs to her cop car, but when she goes to get inside she’s shot in the back by Connors. He shoots her several more times at point blank range and she falls over a Roxxon pipe that just happened to be behind her. Connors tells her that she should have minded her own business before kicking her out into the water below.

Just as Tyrone and Tandy are about to go into the Roxxon building, Detective Connors shows up behind them with a shotgun. Tyrone asks if Connors is stupid enough to try and shoot him again but he’s not. He is stupid enough, on the other hand, to try and shoot Tandy. The two work together and make quick work of Connors’ gun. Tyrone then takes Connors to the roof and lets him hang precariously for a few seconds before asking, “are you afraid? You should be afraid.” Connors admits that he is, and Tyrone practically throws him down in disgust. He walks away from Connors, and since the latter can’t be trusted he’s already got a gun pulled on Tyrone. Before Tyrone can even attempt to do anything his cloak sends out its dark tendrils and it envelopes Connors and he just disappears. 

Tyrone goes back to ground level where Tandy is. He’s had an epiphany and he knows that he is the one that has to sacrifice himself to save the city. Tandy doesn’t want to hear that but Tyrone transports before she can stop him. He ends up in the core and he immediately starts trying to shut down the machine, but it’s not working. Within seconds Tandy shows up and she’s mad that he would leave her behind and try to bear the burden on his own. A small explosion rocks them and Tandy gets hurt in the process, giving her the same mark on her left arm that Tyrone has.

They notice that the energy that is being generated is the same type of energy that they share between them when they try and touch. So Tandy tells Tyrone to grab her hand, and as soon as their skin touches their powers ignite. A big ball of energy is released, and it cancels out the energy that was being released through the Roxxon pipes. Suddenly, and inexplicably, after their powers have been depleted, they end up laying next to each other and holding hands on the roof of the Superdome.

In the aftermath Tandy moves back home with her mom, and she brings good tidings in the form of a newspaper with a headline reading “Roxxon Responsible!” Tyrone, on the other hand, moves into Tandy’s church because he can’t go home due to the fact that he’s still considered suspect #1 for the murder of Officer Fuchs. Things end on a good note for Tandy and Tyrone despite the circumstances. She shows up at the church with a care package for Tyrone, and he tells her that he didn’t know she knew how to care. She responds, “I’m learning.”

In the final moments of the season the action moves to a swamp. A bee is floating around a flower minding its own business when a hand comes from the swamp and smashes it down to nothing. Seconds later Brigid emerges from the swamp, but it’s clear that something is very, very off and not human about her now.

The end title card reads, “Season 2 will be Mayhem.”

Despite the season finale being a bit disjointed and rushed at some points, overall I thought this was fantastic first season for Cloak & Dagger. With the introduction of Mayhem and the growing relationship between Tyrone and Tandy, I suspect that fans of the show will have many exciting things to look forward to in Season 2.