SDCC 2018: Mr. Mercedes Cast & Creator on taking the story into the world of the Supernatural

Season one of Mr. Mercedes took us into the Stephen King story based highly in the reality of very human atrocities committed by a man pushed to the breaking point by the circumstances of his life, and horrors he faced as he grew. As hinted by the final moments of the finale, season two will introduce a supernatural element in the guise of strange events surrounding Brady Hartsfield (Harry Treadaway), who is in a coma after he was taken down before he could commit one final horrific act.

At San Diego Comic Con 2018 we sat down with the Creator and Stars of the series to get some insight into where the existing characters find themselves in the wake of Brady’s crimes, and meet two newcomers to the series.

Lou Linklatter was Brady’s only friend in Season one of Mr. Mercedes, but even that didn’t stop him from stabbing her multiple times and leaving her for dead when she came upon him moments before he attempted what should have been his final crime in season one. Actress Breeda Wool thinks that friendship was the only thing that stopped him from definitely killing her, and talked to us about where Lou finds herself now, and how she is reflecting on the knowledge that someone she trusted and felt kinship with could commit such a heinous crime.

Justine Lupe’s Holly Gibney was the hero of the moment in season one when she got to take down Brady. Lupe talked about how Holly will deal with the fallout of having committed such a violent act, and moving on as she starts a new detective business with Brendan Gleeson’s Bill Hodges.

Season two newcomer, Jack Houston, enters the fray as Brady’s doctor, Felix Babineau. Houton talked about Babineau’s dubious intentions, as the Doctor recognizes the strange phenomenon around his comatose patient, and begins to experiment on him.

Another newcomer, Max Hernandez, joins as Disctrict Attorney Antonio Montez, who will attempt to use Brady’s case as a stepping stone to a political career. Hernandez talked about Montez’s initial skepticism to the supernatural phenomenon that occur around Brady, before finally he must come to terms with what is happening.

Showrunner Jack Bender delved into the idea of introducing a supernatural element into a show that began so grounded in reality, and King’s reaction to the series.

Mr. Mercedes returns to the Audience Network tonight, August 2nd.