SDCC 2018: The Cast of ‘Black Lightning’ Tease Season 2

As Black Lightning approaches its second season, the cast sat down at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss what’s in store for each of their characters.


When asked if Lynn would fully aboard the ship’s train, Adams teased that the two will “go back n forth.” She added, “They really want to make it work, but then something happens that blows it up.” Adams noted the two will always be hesitant in becoming one again.

Adams also noted that it was “unique” to have someone Williams’ age to be a superhero. “I think in [Black Lightning’s] first episode, there was a scene where Cress was icing his knee after going for a run, it’s like ‘YES!’ That’s real, that’s what an old man superhero would do,” she laughed.

As an actor, Living Single was Williams’ second professional audition, and he reminisced about his journey and transition from the drama series to the lead of a superhero show. “What was really, really fun and interesting was that last season, I walked up in the makeup trailer, and TC [who played Tobias’ father] was there [and], it was weird because there was this weird synchronicity because [TC] and the entire cast was so welcoming and visiting and working with them — and here I am coming in on my show and […] welcoming them.”

Lastly, Williams teased that there would be “a lot of repercussions” in terms of the Pierce family and their interactions with the community next season.

How Inspector Henderson doesn’t know Jefferson is Black Lightning was a million dollar question as actor Damon Gupton sat down to discuss what was next for the deputy chief. He discussed the fact that there is more of a target on Henderson’s back with his recent promotion. “Easily,” he said. “I think some of the relationships he’s built up, [there] will probably be more strain to.”

As for how he can keep Freeland safe, “he can’t,” Gupton sighed. “He has nobody — no allies.”

The first thing James Remar did once he was cast at Peter Gambi? Read the comics. “[That’s] the first thing I did when I got the job […] in LA, I bought Black Lightning.”

When asked if Gambi could be considered a good or bad guy, Remar said “I think he’s a good guy that’s done some bad things. In his own mind it’s been for the right reasons, so he’s not a ‘black hat, white hat’ kind of guy.” Remar also noted that Gambi’s past is a “difficult thing to live with.”

“I think that would be pretty awesome,” Remar said in reference Gami suiting up one day. “I don’t wanna just sit in the tailor shop and just talk. Let’s get outside and move around. I feel like over the years I brought a certain level of authenticity to that kind of action and so when I get to do it, […] I like it.”

The masterminds behind Black Lightning, Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil, sat down to discuss the potential crossovers, the representation of the show and more.

When asked what they would do with the West family of The Flash if they ever visited Freeland, Akil laughed, “We would educate them! We would invite them to dinner and we would educate them. I think it would be a great pairing.” Brock chimed in and said, “we would have Flash run the track team in Freeland!”

The show does a great job of incorporating real-life struggles onto the screen, and Salim Akil noted that he couldn’t “ignore the struggles of what I see every day. It just made sense that when I’m writing, that’s what comes out.” Salim Akil also sets out to not create something “that doesn’t exist” when writing and directing.

“All representation matters in the spirit that we need to see everybody,” Brock added.

Marvin Jones III also sat down to discuss the “throwback vibes” of Tobias and the complexity of his character.

“To me, the most menacing people are always the ones to laugh,” Jones said, when asked how Tobias humor coincides with his dark side. “Who have the darkest hearts and to find humor in it.” Jones also noted that Tobias struggles with self-love and “love from outside sources.”

Season 2 of Black Lightning premieres on the CW on Tuesday, October 9th at 9/8c.