SDCC 2018: Nafessa Williams Talks Anissa’s Love Life and Battles in S2 of ‘Black Lightning’

As Black Lightning approaches its sophomore season, Nafessa Williams (Anissa Pierce) was excited and “blessed” to be back at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss her character’s journey and upcoming storylines.

Rumors have been surfacing about Anissa’s love life, namely what’s in store for her romantic relationships in the future. In season one, fans got a tease of Grace Choi, played by actress Chantal Thuy, Anissa’s comic book canon girlfriend. However, her trip to Freeland was cut short. When asked if Anissa would getting a new love interest, or if Grace would be making a comeback, Williams laughed, “you gotta wait and see!”

“If I tell you, you won’t care to tune in!” After her brief coyness, Williams went on to say: “I think you will see a lot more of Anissa’s love life this season which is really really cool – because in the first season she was trying to navigate her superhero world, [and] understanding how her powers work.” Due to this, Anissa had to put her love life on the backburner. This season, however, Williams noted that fans would be treated to Anissa trying to “find time for herself,” outside of her journey as Thunder.

It’s safe to say Anissa had her fair share of fight scenes during the pilot season. Williams gives a shout-out to her stunt team that assists her with training. “It’s been really, really cool.” Williams noted that it’s really important to have a good work-out regime “outside of the stunts.” Williams went on to say that she tries “to stay active outside of work, to prepare me for work.”

Williams also teased that fans would maybe get to see Thunder battle against more villains next season. “It was really cool fighting Cyanide because that was the first female I fought using hand-to-hand combat.” Speaking of, when building her own superheroine team, Williams said she would love Thunder to fight alongside Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Valkyrie.

It’s safe to say that Black Lightning provides a sense of black representation that isn’t present in many other shows, and Williams reflects on being cast as Anissa. “I’m from the ‘hood.’ I’m from a city that’s really similar to Freeland, so for me, it’s just such a blessing to see little brown kids to see themselves on TV — to see their community on TV. Hopefully [Black Lightning] is inspiring and sparking conversations of change in those communities.” Williams is very grateful to land this role.

“I’m so honored and blessed to give my voice, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, to give my voice over to Thunder, and to be chosen. Cause again, I have those little girls in the hood that look like me, who wear curls like I was, to say ‘wow, I can be that.'”

Season 2 of Black Lightning premieres on the CW on Tuesday, October 9th at 9/8c. Check soon for interviews of the rest of the cast!