Garcelle Beauvais Set to Appear in Season 2 of ‘Siren’!

Garcelle Beauvais

Maddie’s Mom has been the most anticipated character to see since the pilot episode (in this writer’s opinion anyway), seeing the hesitance when Dale spoke of her during dinner. That anticipation was heightened even more in the season finale, when Maddie received a surprising phone call from her Mom.

Now, we finally have a face to go with the name.

Garcelle Beauvais has been cast to portray the recurring role of Susan Bishop, Maddie’s Mom, who has been absent for the past ten months. Beauvais’ previous projects have included The Jamie Foxx Show, NYPD Blue, and The Magicians.

Thoughts on Beauvais’ casting?

Many have had theories that Maddie’s Mom is a mermaid and that, and not addiction struggles, is why she’s been absent all this time. With the sudden phone call and how I’m sure Ryn has caused some major rift among merfolk, it’s certainly possible.

Do you think Susan Bishop will help calm the tides with her relationship with Maddie and Dale? Or will she just create even more waves?

Siren‘s upcoming second season is set to premiere in 2019 on Freeform.