REVIEW: Cloak & Dagger S1E9 – Back Breaker

The penultimate episode of Cloak & Dagger‘s first season proves to be an eventful one as the show goes barreling towards its season finale. The theme of this episode is regression. Specifically, regression of heroes and what it means when the ‘good guys’ take a hit. Can they bounce back or will they succumb to the darkness and become villains?

Tyrone and his parents meet with a police officer who informs them that they have a tape of Detective Connors confessing to murdering Billy. When asked what will be done the police officer can only tell them that there will be a file opened and an investigation started. This doesn’t impress the Johnsons very much, and they’re doubtful that anything will change. This angers Tyrone because he expected this confession to trigger an acknowledgement from his parents that he was right all those years ago, but they don’t want to talk about it at all.

In a fancy apartment Tandy is busy at work seducing a man. It’s reminiscent of her actions in the first episode of the season, only this time she’s not stealing jewelry or ballet tickets but hopes. She’s realizes that not only does she have the ability to see people’s hopes, but once inside their mind she can steal them as well. Talk about your cruel parlor trick.

The next day, Tandy shows up at Mina’s house for brunch. When she gets inside she notices that Mina has way more food than is necessary for two people. Much to Tandy’s annoyance she finds out she’s right when Mina’s father Ivan shuffles in on a walker. The Hess family are happy to be back together but Tandy, on the other hand, isn’t so happy. In fact, she’s downright jealous and it’s not a good color on her.

Mina notices that something is off with Tandy. When she excuses herself from the table she asks her what’s wrong, and Tandy’s way of responding is to touch her friend to see her hopes. What she finds is Mina walking through a garden and enjoying nature at its most beautiful. Tandy then touches Mina and you can see the light dim in Mina’s eyes. When they come out of it Mina is still stunned while Tandy whispers coldly to her, “Now you know what it feels like.” As she’s leaving Mina sees a bee minding its on business on the lip of her sink. Old Mina would have marveled at that sight, but new ‘touched by Tandy’ Mina picks up a book and slams it down, killing the bee.

After stealing Mina’s joy Tandy decides to use some of the money she received from Roxxon in exchange for her silence to go and spring her boyfriend Liam from jail. He’s understandably wary since she left him to rot in jail, but in the end he leaves the station with her without too much fuss. The end up in her church and she tells him that she loves it so much because it’s where she always dreamed of getting married. She then kisses him and they’re transported to their wedding, which is what Liam had been hoping for. Tandy, on the other hand, wasn’t about that life so she touches Liam to get rid of that hope. As she does Tyrone shows up and it startles her so much she lets Liam go.

Elsewhere Detective O’Reilly is sitting alone at a bar, where the memorial for her slain boyfriend is being held. She knocks back shot after shot of whiskey as if she’s a robot. She doesn’t show a sign of life until Detective Connors comes into the bar. He starts to give a speech about Officer Fukes, but he doesn’t get more than a few words in before she takes a small decorative bat off a display and hits him on the back of the head with it. Connors retaliates instantly, punching and even kicking O’Reilly repeatedly while the other cops in the room do nothing to stop him.

Tyrone goes home and he has a confrontation with his mother about why didn’t listen to him all those years ago when he told her what happened to Billy. She tells him that if she had listened to him, then that would mean that a dirty cop killed her son and some very powerful people helped him cover it up. If that were true then that would mean that her other son would be the only other living witness, and she couldn’t risk someone coming after him. Tyrone is still resistant to the idea of not doing anything to avenge his brother’s death, but before he can get too deep into it the cops show up banging on the door. They’re there to arrest him for the murder of Officer Fuchs.

After an eventful day of stealing people’s hopes and dreams Tandy goes to her mother’s house. As she walks in it’s eerily quiet, and Tandy doesn’t realize there’s a problem until she’s dodging bullets that are ricocheting off the wall by her head. The owner of the gun reveals herself and it’s the same hitwoman that took out Greg earlier in the season. She has Tandy’s mother by the hair, and she yells out that Peter Scarborough sends his regards and Tandy has three seconds to come out or mother will be killed.

The last ten minutes or so of this episode had me gasping in shock constantly. The storytelling is top notch and the twists and turns are a constant treat within the episodes. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for the finale; the build-up has been fantastic so I’m very excited to see what the fallout will be.