REVIEW: Luke Cage S2 Ep13 – They Reminisce Over You

Well. I did not see that ending coming, though I’m sure I should have guessed some of it. And I’m left much gloomier than I thought I would be, at the end of this season. I’m not sure who to hope for to bring Luke to his senses, if none of his friends have been able to – and since he freaking sent Claire away. Sadface. If they would allow another crossover, Jessica Jones might have a good shot, but it doesn’t seem like they’re up for that anytime soon.

Goodbye, Mariah. I’ll miss you and your beautiful craziness.

Anyway. I’ll start with the Bushmaster storyline, which ended rather anticlimactically. But everything about it was still handled better than the Diamondback arc last season. I find myself just fine with the idea of possibly seeing him again, quite unlike how I felt when Diamondback didn’t die last season. At least he won’t have any particular grudge against Luke, if he does return.

Shades’ arc was very satisfying. He did bring about Mariah’s downfall, while still loving what she could have been – and then on top of that, Misty got to take him down. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing him again.

Speaking of Misty, though, I do feel like she got kind of short shrift this season. She had a few truly excellent moments, for sure. And things aren’t looking too bad for her, by this point: her job prospects are good, she has an awesome bionic arm, and her peers respect her. Still, apart from the arrest of Shades, she didn’t get to do all that much in this episode. And of course Luke blew her off at the end, but that wasn’t specific to only her. Shallowly, I must remark that she looked awesome throughout and her final outfit was stunning. Hoping for more awesomeness for her in further seasons!

Now we come to Tilda and Mariah, since their stories can’t really be discussed separately in this episode. Tilda certainly went quickly from healer to destroyer! Not that I don’t see her motivation. And her “confession” through song was compelling (and beautifully sung). Plus, especially since Bushmaster wasn’t completely defeated, it was pretty much necessary for Mariah to die – though I didn’t expect it to be Tilda until right before it happened. Obviously neither did Mariah. Who, by the way, probably was right that she would have gotten out of prison otherwise, according to her devious plan. She also really was a natural at how to survive in prison, like Shades said.

I’m trying to think of a ‘Paradise Lost’ pun here, and it’s not coming.

I really wish she hadn’t given Harlem’s Paradise to Luke in her will. She was devious to the end. I know we’re supposed to be uncomfortable with the image of him presiding over it at the end, and I definitely was. Also, now that Reg E. Cathey has sadly passed away, Luke’s dad can’t warn him about his soul being in jeopardy, either. But I, for one, am going to be worrying about it until we next see Luke on screen. I hope that day isn’t too far away!