SDCC 2018: Grant Gustin Talks Nora and Westallen in S5 of ‘The Flash’

As The Flash fast approaches its fifth season, Grant Gustin was on hand at San Diego Comic Con to share his thoughts about Barry’s daughter Nora and the strength of Westallen’s relationship this year. Check out the video below, or you can read on to learn what the Scarlet Speedster himself thinks about the plots coming down the pipeline.

Gustin is over the moon about Jessica Parker Kennedy’s casting.

Gustin was pumped about the upcoming season and everything in store, in particular the addition of Jessica Parker Kennedy, who plays Nora West-Allen. “[It’s been] great so far!, he gushed. “It’s been really cool having Jessica [Parker Kennedy, who plays Nora West-Allen] around.” In fact, he felt that Danielle Nicolet’s Cecile and Hartley Sawyer’s Ralph were also contributing to helping The Flash reach its potential. “I think it’s the best dynamic our cast has ever had. The first episode is really funny, and I think it’s our best first episode since our pilot.” He mentioned one scene that exemplified the new-yet-familiar feel of the premiere, saying, “We’ve got an action sequence that’s straight out of the comics that… I thought we would never be able to do.” As for the season as a whole? “It’s funny, it’s got a lot of the family tone. It could be our best season. It’ll be what Flash should be.”

The biggest surprise of the finale was Nora West-Allen’s introduction, and much of Season 5 will deal with her secrets and her dynamic with her parents. Gustin had a lot to say about the complicated relationships at play there. “I think at first there’s a little bit of skepticism, because we’ve had people walk into the cortex before and say they’re so-and-so, and then they’re not so-and-so. But I think Barry and Iris both kind of just have a gut feeling that this is their daughter.”

Barry and Iris will react very differently to their baby girl.

Aside from a gut feeling,the dead on casting was probably a dead giveaway too. “First of all, Jessica looks like she really could be our daughter. And I think Iris is kind of thrilled, wants to get to know her and wants to connect with her, thinks it’s great that she’s here.” Unfortunately, Barry’s not quite on the same page as his wife when it comes to progeny breaking the rules of time travel. “I think he’s a little concerned about why she’s here, there’s clearly a lot that she’s not telling us. Barry starts to pick up on some tension that she has with Iris, clearly there’s some kind of beef there. She’s real clingy with Barry and he doesn’t know why, but he can kind of tell something’s off.”

Despite the skepticism, Gustin assures that Barry will get to put his teaching skills to good use. “It’s a mentor dynamic at first, he’s trying to help her figure out her powers but he wants to figure out why she’s here and whatnot. But I think he’s taking it easy because he doesn’t want too much too fast.”

Now that the Flash family is well on its way to completion, Gustin reflected on the early years of building the Westallen romance and legacy with costar Candice Patton, saying, “It’s been fun. It’s been a roller coaster. They’ve been in each other’s lives since they were 11. It goes so deep, I think it’s the kind of relationship everybody wishes they could have. Someone’s been your best friend since childhood, that you slowly fall in love with and realize there’s nobody else you want to be with. They’re each other’s rocks.” He also noted that as an actor, he prefered pursuing that lasting romance over exploring temporary pit stops. “From the very beginning, they entertained the idea of love stories with Barry and Caitlin or [doing other relationships] early on. But I always pushed, ‘This is the love of his life, let’s go for that.’ It’s more interesting.”

Season 5 of The Flash returns to the CW on Tuesday, October 9th at 8/7c. Check soon for interviews with the rest of the cast!