REVIEW: Luke Cage, S2 Ep12 – Can’t Front On Me

Some interesting interactions in this episode, with people seeming to choose sides in fairly permanent ways. Tilda chooses her darker impulses, though only out of a desire to rid the world of the evil she sees in her mother. Luke chooses his better angels, despite having all the opportunity in the world to actually destroy Bushmaster. Shades chooses the truth – mostly – so Mariah can be taken down. And Misty chooses the bigger fish despite her hatred of Shades and her continued guilt over Candace’s death.

Okay, but could you not have knocked him unconscious, Luke? Jack Bauer would have.

That opening scene was truly disturbing. I thought I was watching Criminal Minds or something. But using Bushmaster’s name as a weapon is powerful, of course. And it certainly had an effect! Interesting to see Luke and Bushmaster fighting side by side temporarily, and Bushmaster even agreeing not to kill anyone at the Chinese drug warehouse. And Sugar is apparently just straight-up working for Luke now. I’m not surprised Luke was tempted to kill Bushmaster. We’ll have to see what happens to the guy, now that he took the whole shot of nightshade but lost the fight.

And what will happen to Tilda, now that she’s made that choice? I’m not sure Bushmaster will care to come back to her. Is she going to go back to her destroyed shop? She’s kind of burned her Harlem bridges.

I loved seeing Misty joining in the fight to take down Bushmaster. She definitely got in a few hits, too. Plus she got the pleasure of putting cuffs on Mariah, which we know felt good. Here’s hoping the court of public opinion that Mariah was so glib about will treat Misty well. Not that she cares all that much about what people think.

As much as I was rooting for Shades to survive this deal, I’m also kind of glad Mariah guessed he was wired. She’s not dumb. Also, shallowly, I must point out that the dress she was wearing to the free concert was awesome.

Yeah, I don’t think your reign’s going to continue.

Speaking of Shades, though I do want him to accomplish the take-down of Mariah, he is still pretty much a horrible person. I mean, it was probably good to be reminded of that, as unpleasant as it was to hear him reminisce fondly about people being killed. At least he had to face how serious this was by finding out that Janis knew he shot Comanche/Darius.

So, does Mariah actually go to jail? Does Bushmaster have a heart attack? Will Luke find any peace? Just one more episode to find out.