‘Timeless’ Fans Want You to Look Up at SDCC

timeless ensemble

Fan campaigns have had a storied history of creativity over the years. Ever since people gathered outside studios and wrote letters to save Star Trek, the decades after have seen many different efforts by fans to keep their shows from cancellation. Or, in the case of NBC’s Timeless, bring them back. It’s only right that a series like Timeless—a show that took a unique approach to history—would inspire a fan campaign for the history books. In just over a week, devoted Clockblockers raised a staggering $23,000 to finance their ambitious venture. They pooled their own money to buy not one but two helicopters that will fly over San Diego Comic Con.

timeless future lucy

One helicopter will tow a massive banner with their #SaveTimeless message, in the hopes that it will attract the appropriate media attention. We have a strong feeling it’ll be causing quite a stir! And, don’t worry if you’re a Timeless fan who’s not attending SDCC, because this fandom is so kickass that they’ve made sure everyone gets in on this historic event. The secondary helicopter will be live-streaming the entire thing on the #SaveTimeless website (yes, they even have an official website…how cool is that?), which you can check out here. You can even set a reminder to tune in for the event.

And, if you’re lucky enough to be in attendance at SDCC this Saturday, July 21, then look up. The helicopters—affectionately named the Mothership and the Lifeboat, because what else would they be?—will take to the skies from 12:00 to 3:00 PM PST. You can see the planned route below, and find out where to meet up with other Timeless fans in this Twitter thread.

It bears repeating that Timeless wasn’t even invited to SDCC because of the show’s cancellation. And despite this, Timeless has taken over the SDCC Twitter trends as fans hype the #SaveTimeless message, claiming the top spot. While the possible wrap-up movie is still being floated around, there’s no concrete news yet on that front. Nevertheless, Timeless fans are really passionate and serious about their beloved show and we applaud them for this monumental display of fandom. And with a series as important as Timeless, we’re hoping that the fans’ message is heard (and seen) and someone, anyone, saves this incredible time travel series.

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