REVIEW: Cloak & Dagger S1E8 – Ghost Stories

The week’s episode of Cloak & Dagger begins with a still-shaken Detective O’Reilly, who is eating breakfast at her boyfriend – and fellow cop’s – home. She had gone through all the hoops required of her to get back on the job after her shooting incident, but she’s got her sights set on Detective Connors. She wants to take him down and her boyfriend is 100% on board.

Elsewhere Tandy goes to visit Ivan Hess, who is still recuperating in the hospital. On the way to Ivan’s room she passes Peter Scarborough on his way out. Peter is a Roxxon executive that Tandy knows used her father as a scapegoat for the rig explosion. When she gets in the room with Ivan she wastes no time asking him what Peter wanted. According to Ivan, Peter just brought paperwork for him to sign that would basically absolve Roxxon of any liability for his accident. Tandy is understandably frustrated because Ivan is the only firsthand account that could help clear her father’s name, and he doesn’t remember and what he does remember he doesn’t want to talk about. He tells her he can’t help personally but he did have a piece of information that could. Prior to the rig explosion Nathan wrote a memo stating that that the design of the rig was bound to fail unless heat protective shields were installed. The memo was locked away in a safe deposit box, and it was the only thing that could clear his name.

Tandy goes to her mom’s trailer and she finds her to be subdued, but sober. They reminisce briefly over Tandy’s dad and make plans for his memorial. It’s been eight years since the rig explosion and every year Tandy’s mom remembers and celebrates her late husband.

Not celebrating is Tyrone and his family. At their home they share a silent breakfast that’s heavy with tension. Unlike Tandy and her mom they don’t acknowledge or celebrate the anniversary of Billy’s passing, and it is a very stark difference between the two families. To further emphasize that Tandy shows up unannounced at Tyrone’s house. He’s reluctant to let her in but she pushes her way past him and introduces herself to his parents. They warily greet her but Tandy puts on a good girl act that puts them at ease. His parents leave them alone and once they’re gone Tandy invites Tyrone to the memorial later that night. He agrees to come and Tandy takes her leave. A few steps outside the house she stops and pulls out a Roxxon badge that she just stole from Tyrone’s mother. So much for the good girl act…

Later on, Tyrone’s dad’s friends come over and they bring their costumes and cloaks with them. They get to work doing all their beadwork while eating gumbo, and it’s a much needed and appreciated distraction for Tyrone and his father. One of the cloaks brought was the old black cloak that belonged to Billy. Tyrone eyes the cloak and you can almost see the wheels turning in his head as he makes a plan.

Tyrone goes to see Detective O’Reilly at her boyfriend’s apartment and he shares with her his plan: he’s going to haunt Detective Connors. Seriously. With his cloaking abilities he wants to pretend to be Billy and basically scare Detective Connors in to confessing to his murder. Detective O’Reilly and her boyfriend both think it’s crazy, stupid, and dangerous…until they see what Tyrone can do.

While Tyrone is getting his Casper the not-so-friendly ghost on Tandy is using his mom’s badge to infiltrate Roxxon. Once inside she cuts all the breaker boxes with her dagger, leaving the building in complete darkness. Peter, who was also inside and halfway up an escalator, was none too happy about having to walk the rest of the way up. He is in the process of calling someone to complain when Tandy appears and puts a dagger to his throat.

At the docks where Billy was killed, Tyrone sends Detective Connors on a wild goose chase in search of his ‘ghost.’ Finally, after Detective Connors empties his gun, Tyrone approaches him and manages to finesse a confession out of him. Detective O’Reilly’s boyfriend catches it all on tape, and O’Reilly slaps a pair of cuffs on him and tells him that he is under arrest for the murder of Billy Johnson.

Back at Roxxon, Tandy has Peter tied to a chair. She isn’t as lucky as Tyrone when it comes to getting a full confession, but she does get the satisfaction of telling Peter that she has proof from her father that would clear his name and bring down Roxxon. Peter offers her money in exchange for her silence, but she tells him all she cares about is clearing her father’s name. To which Peter asks her, “how well do you really know your father?”

Later at the memorial on the beach, Tandy and Tyrone touch Tandy’s mother. They are transported into her mind and see both her hopes and fears. What is revealed is Melissa’s hopes of a perfect life with her husband that were marred by the fear of domestic abuse that she suffered at his hands. Tandy is rocked to her core and devastated by the revelation.

The next day Tandy calls Peter and she tells him that she’ll take the money, that will help her mother, in exchange for burying the truth that would clear her Father’s name.

Shockingly, the episodes ends with Detective O’Reilly going to her boyfriend’s apartment to celebrate their successful take down of Detective Connors only to find him dead and stuffed in his refrigerator.

The twist and turns on Cloak & Dagger are nonstop and the show always manages to surprise me. For every question answered or problem solved two more develop to take its place. Every episode is a delight and it’s building to what I think will be a very satisfying finale in a few weeks.