Chris Carter Doesn’t Want More ‘X-Files’ Without Gillian Anderson, After All

Remember how, back in March after that train-wreck of a finale, The X-Files creator and showrunner Chris Carter was so sure the show would be back in some form? Remember how we all said ‘Please, no, have mercy‘? Well, Carter has changed his tune again. In an interview reported by Den of Geek and Digital Spy, he seems to suggest it’s all up to co-star Gilllian Anderson, who has already stated she won’t do any more of the show.

Carter states:

…it’s about Gillian’s involvement. For me, The X-Files is Mulder and Scully, so even though we did the show without David (Duchovny), without Mulder, for a time, I always felt like her science was the centre of the show.

“In the end, it is a science show, and it makes it all-important.”

First of all, either the show is all about Mulder and Scully or it’s about Scully’s science. They aren’t one and the same. Second of all, I think even the fans who loved this most recent season (of which there are at least a handful, judging purely by Twitter reactions while the show was airing) would say there wasn’t an awful lot of science in it. I love Scully’s scientific mind, but that’s only one part of what makes her character indispensable to The X-Files. At least he’s admitted that she’s necessary, though.

Basically, in my opinion, Chris Carter continues to show very little sign of what has made fans so passionate about the show. And as I said in my last recap, as long as he intends to stay at the helm, I would very much prefer if the show never comes back.

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