REVIEW: Luke Cage S2 Ep11 – The Creator

I am kind of glad to “meet” Mama Mabel after all this time – though she’s awful, of course.

Even the episodes that seem like filler really aren’t, for this show. Sure, there’s a little bit of a break in the shocking violence, but it’s not like you could skip this one.

I hate to see Luke and Misty at odds, but I do think they still understand each other. It’s good that Misty has more than one lead for running down Mariah – and interesting that she’s still not not acting like she wants to be captain (and beyond?). We’re all rooting for you, Misty. Hopefully you and Shades can do the right thing and get Mariah gone.

Speaking of, there’s a split that was destined from the beginning. I still don’t feel like I know exactly what it was Shades thought he saw in Mariah. How could he not have known that everything she does is alllll about her? At least Comanche obviously felt bad about betraying him. You two were much better for each other, Shades. You obviously have a heart and a soul, like he did. And I’m afraid that heart you said you loved in Mariah might have just been your imagination all along. But maybe your soul is redeemable.

Mariah was, well, nuts in this episode. Gorgeous and mesmerizing, yes, but also crazy. I guess Anansi’s curse that she would be haunted came true real quick. So gross for her to have to interact with her rapist – very Killgrave, too. (Except for the whole, Jessica being the hero thing.) I sort of expected one of her guys to have overheard her crazy conversation with people who weren’t really there. But she did a good job chasing away everyone who was actually there with her, anyway.

So Tilda’s definitely reached maximum rejection of her mom. It definitely makes sense for her to feel apologetic toward Bushmaster and his family. Still, helping him was never going to be a long-term thing. What she’ll actually choose to do with her life remains an unknown.

For his part, Luke probably still needs to pay more attention to everyone pointing out his similarities with Bushmaster. He’s right that he’d never do the ultra-violent, bloody things that his foe has done. But Bushmaster and his aunt are also right that they both have anger they have do something with. I appreciated him sticking up for Ingrid, though. Just not so sure about his discussion of being Harlem’s “King” with Sugar at the end there.

Oh, and Peter Stokes was a really, really horrible person.

Another thing I appreciated was the entire scene of the ceasefire at the morgue. It really is nice when the villain has more than just a one-note “backstory”. Although, that said, the flashbacks to Jamaica didn’t do a whole lot for me. The kids were all good actors, and physically well-chosen to match their adult counterparts. I just didn’t feel like it added much to what we already knew. Maybe the scene where Johnny was shot and taken to the healer – otherwise, it wasn’t really new.

I can’t believe we only have two more episodes! I’m sure they’ll be packed.