The Walking Dead: Our World Mobile Game Released

The Walking Dead Our WorldLast July 12, AMC and Finnish game developer Next Games launched The Walking Dead: Our World, a mobile game that will enable players to slay walkers wherever they may be. The game is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, free-of-charge, in 153 countries globally.

Based on the popular sci-fi drama, The Walking Dead, that has been running on AMC for the last eight seasons, The Walking Dead: Our World is not just zombie apocalypse version of Pokemon Go. It is powered by Google Maps and boasts of cutting edge AR execution, offering easy pick-up-and-play for casual players and deep content for more advanced gamers.

Here is a description of the game:

“With hordes of walkers roaming the streets, players will need to tackle mass encounters, infestations and rescue missions. Players can fight hoards solo or compete in weekly missions alongside friends, showcasing their skills to claim recognition and rewards.

In addition to fighting the apocalypse while on the move, the game allows players to enjoy the game from the comfort of their own home with “couch play” options. A wide variety of mission types, and an extensive character collection guarantee a compelling, long-term incentive to fight back.

Unique to this game, players can use “Flares” to grant their group access to the best missions anywhere in the world, from every continent, country and city and share their best in-game moments with friends and fellow survivors.”

Players will also be able to seek support from core characters of the show: Daryl, Rick, and Michonne.

Next Games CEO Teemu Huuhtanen expressed his excitement about the project:

“I’m proud of team Next Games for creating this incredibly ambitious game that offers players an immersive and deeply personal experience with AMC’s The Walking Dead universe. Combined with both a technically and creatively unique AR and location execution, this game truly takes a fresh approach to the genre. I’m excited to let the world play our game today and can confidently say that this will be a day to remember for Next Games.”

AMC SVP for Digital Media Lyle Underkoffler also added that the game was not just about expanding the universe but giving back to the show’s fans:

The Walking Dead has some of the most passionate fans on the planet…We’re so excited to partner with Next Games for the second time to offer our fans this truly unique and immersive AR experience — the chance to live out their apocalyptic fantasies in the real world, and fight for survival side-by-side with their favorite characters from this iconic series.  We’re looking forward to seeing our fans’ stories come to life in a way that was never before possible.”

You can start killing walkers now by downloading the game HERE.

Check out the trailer below: