REVIEW: Luke Cage S2 Ep10 – The Main Ingredient

Well, hello there, Danny Rand. Congratulations on not being incredibly irritating! In fact, you were actually kind of charming and not at all useless! So, good work to this show’s writing for doing what I once would have thought was impossible.

See, he was actually kind of adorable.

Luke and Danny’s team-up reminded me of all the good parts of The Defenders (although naturally I missed Jessica and Matt, not to mention Colleen). Considering that these two are supposed to work together on a more permanent basis at some point, I appreciate that they play off each other well. Their fight scene in the grow house was impressive, especially the “patty cake” move. I also adore the fact that Danny bought and apparently un-ironically wore a “Sweet Christmas” sweatshirt. (I hope those are available for legitimate sale somewhere online.) And now that Bushmaster doesn’t even have his knock-off version of that specific kind of nightshade, what are his options? I wonder. It was also nice to hear from Claire, even just secondhand. It seems like Luke is on the path out of destructive anger. Still, I’m not sure whether to expect any actual reunion between Claire and Luke in the three episodes we have left.

I’m very glad they didn’t drag out the Nandi plotline. It’s too bad for Bailey, but she needed to go, fast. And Misty needed to be the one to take her down. Props to Ridley, too, for recognizing Misty’s awesomeness even though they continue to disagree on a number of things. I will be very, very happy if Misty gets to be the new permanent chief of the precinct. Luke probably wouldn’t mind at all, either.

Queen Mariah. I love this homage to the shot of Cottonmouth from S1.

Mariah’s storyline – well, I did guess that it would be bloody. Boy, oh boy was I right. I could have lived my whole life without watching and listening to a guy burn to death, after having everyone he knew shot in front of him. Plus, Anansi was cool and interesting, and Bushmaster really needed to have someone willing to say “No” to him (even though he didn’t tend to listen).

So Mariah is terrifying, like we all knew she could be. And we know Shades knew that, too, but somehow he was still shocked by her bloodthirst. I’m still not taking any bets on them staying together for long. Now that Mariah has her money back, and at least thinks she has the high ground with Bushmaster, she probably doesn’t  even feel like she needs Shades as much. She’s gained her lawyer back, too – although maybe Sugar will be just the first of the soldiers she loses. I think she does need Shades, though. And they are usually more interesting together than apart. We’ll have to see.