REVIEW: Luke Cage S2 Ep9 – For Pete’s Sake

Well, that was a doozy. I mean, I thought Mariah’s story was complex and dark before this, but this episode showed me I didn’t know what I was talking about. I was glad to get some more reconciliation between Luke and his dad, and I was glad Misty continued to be awesome, but this episode was really all about Mariah and her daughter.

I also appreciated that the Reverend’s prayer actually sounded like something a real person would say.

I enjoyed the constant snark between Misty, Mariah, and Luke. And I also kind of loved that Luke’s dad insisted on having a prayer circle, and everyone joined in even in spite of their snarking at each other. The device of having all those characters trapped in the same place was an interesting one, even if Danny didn’t join them (yet) – and even if their team-up is over by the end of the episode.

It was disappointing that Nandi decided to be dirty instead of staying sympathetic. I’m assuming she hasn’t gotten any reward yet, but she’ll probably keep doing bad things now. She’ll be the new Scarfe. Ugh. Hopefully Misty and Ridley won’t take long to figure it out. Anyway, at least those latter two – and Luke – will be happy not to have to grant immunity to Mariah.

Everyone’s conversations with Tilda were intriguing. I had honestly forgotten that she’s this show’s version of Marvel Comic’s Nightshade, though I shouldn’t have. That makes me hope we’re going to see some major moves on her part. After all, for most of the season thus far, she’s been reacting to the craziness around her. I’m curious to see what she’d be like when she’s proactively doing what she really wants. Hopefully it’s a safe assumption that she won’t be joining Bushmaster’s team, even if she (very understandably) wants nothing to do with her mother from now on.

This show does love a good trunk reveal shot.

Which brings me to Mariah. I can’t wait any longer to talk about Alfre Woodard’s performance here. The scene where she finally reveals Tilda’s real father was just… astonishing. The sheer range of emotion, from childhood insecurity, to pain, to rage, to the complete coldness of her admission that she cannot love Tilda because her father is Uncle Pete? Wow. Also, I know I said my girl-crush was on Misty, and that’s still true, but the scene where Mariah picks up that gun and blasts through her enemies was pretty hot, I will admit. That said, I’m not exactly looking forward to what she’s going to do now that she’s “done playing by the rules” – because I’m assuming it will be bloody.

As for what Bushmaster will do, after forcing Tilda to help him – and once he knows Anansi has been kidnapped by Shades? That will definitely be bloody, too.