REVIEW: Luke Cage S2 Ep8 – If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right

Of all the team-ups I could have imagined in this season, the final shot of this episode is not one I would have pictured. So well done, again, show.

Gone but not forgotten.

I’m glad we got to see Comanche’s actual mom (instead of the excuse he used while snitching) this episode. And the grief was very believable, from both Shades and Comanche’s mom. I must admit, I’m still kind of baffled about Shades and Mariah, though. They both flat-out accused each other of betrayal. And yet they end up making out again, after Shades has encouraged Mariah not to stop being a gangster. Which is basically a pledge of continuing loyalty to the “Queen.” I still don’t get them. (I did love the Misty/Mariah “fawn”/cougar exchange, though. Ha!)

As has been the case in a number of episodes, Luke himself was almost a secondary player here. Interesting how that has worked. I enjoyed his insistence on sticking with Mariah and especially Tilda. I think Tilda probably has a crush on him, which nobody would blame her for. Anyway, Luke may not technically be hired by them (and he probably won’t be getting any money from the late Piranha, now that I think of it), but he still knows what needs to be done. His snark with Mariah was high-quality, too.

Also enjoyable, of course, were his interactions with Misty. Did I call Misty being the de facto captain, or did I call it? So glad she’s back on the force. Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt that she gets to tell Nandi what to do, now. I prefer those two not sniping at each other. And Nandi is darn right that Misty is right choice to solve Ridenhour’s case. She’ll do it right, too, given that she’s even willing to help keep the remaining Dillard family safe in order to stop Bushmaster – just like Luke.

Seems like Luke comes by his stubbornness honestly.

Speaking of Luke, his moments with his dad this episode were very rewarding. I’m not surprised that he wouldn’t be intimidated into hiding. Interesting that Luke actually seemed into the church service before the Styler attack, though. And I must admit I was kind of charmed that the Reverend was so mad at the bad guys for shooting Luke. That’s kind of… sweet, in a not-very-pastorly kind of way.

I didn’t see Bushmaster’s theft of Ben Donavan coming. Well played, sir. That is precisely the best way to continue to rub Mariah’s face in your victory, even when it turns out that they haven’t burned to death… yet. Not so thrilled that you’re continuing with the creepy black magic, without even having the right ingredients anymore. I’m sure that will be totally fine, though.

However that upcoming confrontation goes, I appreciate that it led to one heck of a rag-tag group of (in many cases reluctant) allies at the end there. And with Danny – and hopefully Colleen, please! – joining the scene next, I can’t wait to see where Team Luke goes from here.