‘Timeless’ Fans Want to Send a Message at SDCC

timeless season 2

In the weeks following NBC’s cancellation of Timeless, fans have not stopped making noise in support of their beloved show. Taking to social media, they’ve kept up an endless torrent of campaigns for the time travel series. Even as things seem rather bleak going forward, self-proclaimed Clockblockers—the affectionate name for Timeless fans—haven’t let up in their attempts to find some kind of closure for their Time Team. The option of a movie has been floated around by NBC, though it faces significant financial challenges. With Timeless axed by the network for seemingly the final time, the cast and crew sadly won’t be making their usual appearances at San Diego Comic Con.

But, the fans will still be there in a huge way.

In their biggest campaign to date, the fan base has set up a GoFundMe page for their latest mission. As of this writing, they’ve raised a massive sum of over $16,000. That’s right—they’re pooling their own hard-earned money just to send a message. One that will hopefully attract a lot of curious onlookers as it flies in the skies above the most-anticipated pop culture event of the summer. That’s some hardcore dedication.

Timeless fans have already raised enough money to afford a plane with a gigantic banner. Their end goal is to raise enough to get a helicopter that will tow the banner. They’ll have a three hour flight time, which is a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure for the cause and attract tons of media attention. They’re inching toward their last goal and the deadline is looming. If you’d like to help Timeless fans out, visit their GoFundMe page to send in your donation.

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