‘Lost in Space’ Scheduled to Begin Production This Fall

lost in space will and maureen

Following rave reviews and massive viewership numbers in its first days, the decision to renew Lost in Space seemed to be an easy one for Netflix. The modern reboot of the classic science fiction series received the green light a mere month after its season one premiere in April. And it’s a good thing, too, since the season ended with a game-changing cliffhanger—slight spoiler alert—that left the Robinson family (and Dr. Smith, Don West, and of course Debbie the chicken) well and truly lost in space. The series also hinted at a darker, more morally gray origin story for the beloved Robot with some shady forces at work behind the scenes.

Both of these elements will likely be the jumping-off point for the events of season two, which showrunners Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless had already started working on even before Lost in Space‘s renewal. Now that Netflix has released its production calendar, we’re a little bit closer to seeing what’s next on this wild space adventure. The series, which films in scenic Vancouver, will begin principal photography in early September. Filming is slated to last through March, and although there isn’t a release date for season two announced yet, we can probably expect to binge watch it sometime next year.

It’s more than enough time to get caught up or rewatch the 10-part series, available exclusively on Netflix.