REVIEW: Luke Cage S2 Ep7 – On And On

Another moving and excellent episode. And again, though each of the storylines continue to unfold in a logical way, I’m nonetheless surprised several times an episode – and impressed.

Very glad Luke’s paralysis wore off in time for him to not, y’know, drown in the river. And I’m glad he’s clearly trying to get somewhere with his dad, angry as he still is (for very justifiable reasons). That’s a big deal, as is the fact that his dad apologized for blaming him for his mother’s illness. I hope we will get some resolution with Luke’s grievance about his half-brother, too. At least it seems like Luke is turning away from his darker impulses, judging by how he saved Mariah when no one would have blamed him in the slightest if he hadn’t.

No sidekicks here.

As for Misty, I’m still not really okay with her not being a cop. Granted, her teaming up with Luke for some off-the-books beatdowns of the baddies was awesome. I loved, loved, loved how impressed Luke was, and that he knew exactly when to step in and when to leave her to it. But it’s just that being a cop has been so important to Misty for so long. Now I’m wondering, since Ridenhour hadn’t accepted her resignation, as far as we know, could she still come back? Of course the other question is: will she want to? I mean, I’d love it if she somehow got the chief position now that Ridenhour’s dead. Otherwise, she has to make a living somehow.

Shades and Comanche’s story was probably always heading this direction, but it still kind of shocked me, anyway. I’m going to miss Comanche. As much as he was really just looking for intel to pass on to the NYPD, I liked his picking at Shades about his relationship with Mariah. And of course, now we don’t get to know if it could have ever worked out again between them. I sort of wish it could have. Now, we’re left with Shades not rushing immediately to Mariah’s rescue. That’s even though I’m pretty sure he could tell just where that fire was. Whatever his reasons, Mariah will not easily forgive it if she finds out – especially now that her enemy saved her life instead.

So he meant that “erasing sorrow by burning it” thing quite literally, then. Got it.

We already knew enough to basically guess the story of Bushmaster’s grudge, but that revelation was an emotional scene, nonetheless. It was interesting that Mariah tried to deny some of the story to Tilda until she evidently decided there was no point. And I definitely didn’t expect Bushmaster to offer Tilda the chance to escape without her mother. Now, even though Bushmaster has not (yet?) succeeded in his ultimate revenge, Mariah does have absolutely nothing left to her name, except her daughter. With the season only halfway over, though, I’m sure we’ll find that Mariah isn’t out of the game yet.