REVIEW: Cloak & Dagger S1E6 – Funhouse Mirrors

The name of the game in this week’s Cloak & Dagger is survival. Tandy and Tyrone learn the hard way what it means to survive in a world where justice is a concept reserved only for a select few.

This week’s episode was all about the connections that Tandy and Tyrone made in their quest for answers. First up is Tandy, who is playing the role of intern this week. She approaches Mina Hess about a fictional internship, but Mina is quite adamant that she didn’t ask for an intern. Tandy gets discouraged and starts to leave, however, Mina stops her and starts giving her a list of things that she would need in order to go swamping. Instant connection made.

Over in the 9th Ward, Tyrone is visiting a construction shop that belongs to his brother’s friend Dwayne. The shop appears to be on the up and up but it becomes clear that it’s actually just a front for a drug operation. An operation that Tyrone tells Dwayne that he wants to be a part of. Unfortunately for him, Dwayne still has enough of a conscience to turn him down. Tyrone acts as if he accepts the rejection, but as soon as Dwayne goes to take care of some business Tyrone spots one of his drug runners leaving the building, so he decides to follow him. 

After walking through the swamp Mina and Tandy come to a paved area. As they walk down the gravel roads to their destination Mina finally divulges some information about the rig that exploded. Turns out Mina’s and Tandy’s fathers worked together. They knew that the material that they were pumping through the rig was ten times better than oil, but also twice as hot. Too hot for the rig and the drilling should have been stopped, but because it wasn’t it caused an explosion. Mina had no interest in repeating that mistake, so in the rig that Roxxon Gulf was currently operating she created pressure release valves and heat shields that would protect the rig and prevent another explosion.

At Dwayne’s shop he talks angrily on the phone with someone, clearly his drug runner, about the lost bag of merchandise. Right on cue Tyrone shows up and drops the bag in front of Dwayne. It doesn’t take Dwayne long to figure out that Tyrone knows exactly what’s in the bag and exactly what it is that he really does. He invites Tyrone along for a ride and explains why he feels justified in doing what he does. There’s no justice for people like him, only for “white people in another place,” so he does what he has to in order to survive.

Back at the Mina’s house Tandy overplays her hand by asking too many questions, and Mina correctly guesses who she truly is. Later on Mina goes to visit her Dad and it’s revealed that he’s in a nursing home. He’s practically comatose and the only sign of life he gives is a quiet humming noise. An apologetic Tandy appears shortly after and timidly asks if she can speak with Mina’s father. He doesn’t acknowledge her presence either. When she touches him, in hopes of getting some type of clue, the only thing she sees is a locked door, but she can hear his humming coming from behind it.

At Dwayne’s shop, Tyrone finally gets a confession from Dwayne about what he knew regarding Billy’s death. He was aware that Detective Connors shot him, but instead of backing Tyrone’s story up and coming forward he kept that knowledge to himself in order to survive. At that point there is a loud knock at the door and Dwayne makes Tyrone leave. Tyrone, of course, doesn’t leave and he watches as Detective Connors comes in and hands Dwayne a gun. He tells him that he’s got Detective O’Reilly with him and she’s going to follow behind in less than a minute. When she comes in he wants Dwayne to shoot her so that he can clean up the mess he made by being so sloppy with his operation. When Detective O’Reilly comes into the shop Dwayne raises his gun to shoot her, but she’s faster and she shoots him in the chest. Tyrone yells, “No!” and Detective Connors hears that and chases after him. Using his cloaking ability Tyrone manages to escape and he ends up back in Tandy’s church. She’s there and she tries to comfort him, but the second their skin touches their powers force them apart. Tandy can only stand and watch Tyrone cry over the loss of his brother’s friend.

The aspects of magic, voodoo, and real life trauma continue to clash in intriguing ways. I continue to be pleasantly surprised by this show week after week, mostly because of its unflinching gritty realism interwoven with fantastical elements of magic. It is truly unlike anything else on television right now.

Cloak & Dagger airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Freeform.