REVIEW: Luke Cage S2 Ep6 – The Basement

Another outstanding – and surprising – episode. Luke on the run with Piranha made for an interesting change of pace. And Piranha himself turned out to be a much more interesting character than he seemed at first. His interactions with Luke throughout were funny, sure, but they also turned poignant. To have that whole sequence end with Luke finally seeking out his dad, even just as a sanctuary for Piranha, was unexpected but gratifying. Claire would be proud.

You and Luke should at very least punch through some walls together, Misty.

Misty’s storyline continues to be intriguing. I’m glad she’s struggling with what she almost did in the last episode. (I’m also glad she has discovered that her new arm is perhaps a leeetle bit stronger than she had imagined at first. Again, I cannot wait to see her using it to its full potential.) But I don’t want her to quit the NYPD! She needs to stay a good cop as well as a good person. And anyway, what would she do instead? There are already enough vigilantes in New York. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I would watch Misty the vigilante hero, of course. But still.

Mariah and the chief’s interactions were… well, worrying at first, because I thought Mariah would play him, but I don’t think she will. At least the conversation helped Mariah realize that she needed to take all of this a lot more seriously. But I still think she’s overestimating her ability to deal with this. Or maybe it’s just that she’ll never lower herself to trusting the police, even temporarily. Maybe if Tilda had stuck around, instead of apparently running away (not that I blame her), Mariah could have been convinced differently.

Most surprising of all the stories in this episode, though, was the continuing saga of Shades and Comanche. I gotta admit, I did not see that relationship coming. On the other hand, I believe it. The writing and the acting made it impossible not to. Kudos to both actors for the raw honesty there. And wow, does that add extra depth to Comanche’s betrayal of Shades. In general, I’m also wondering in what ways their relationship will affect the rest of the season. For instance, how deep are Shades’ feelings toward Mariah, compared to Comanche? To finally get that insight into why he cares about Mariah right before we learned that he and Comanche used to be a couple… Again, wow.

Would he have kept the agreement, if Luke had beaten him before he cheated?

As for the Bushmaster/Luke showdown at the end there, I did enjoy it. Not only was it in daylight, as opposed to most of the action in Daredevil (and a lot of it in The Defenders, for that matter), but they seemed so evenly matched that I couldn’t look away. Well, even until Bushmaster realized he was losing, and decided to cheat, of course. I guess paralyzing him and then sentencing him to die by drowning does count as a respectful way of killing him, compared to beheading him and putting his head on a stick, but still. Who’s around to rescue Luke this time?