Netflix Finds Its ‘Raising Dion’ Leads

Raising Dion

Credit: Netflix

Superheroes and the like are all the rage in today’s films/shows and Netflix’s upcoming series, Raising Dion is sure to be just as successful. With an added touch of adorableness – just look at that announcement photo!

Raising Dion will follow Dion Reese, “a curious, playful, and intelligent 7-year-old boy,” reads Netflix’s press release, “who is learning he has some very special abilities – he can move things with his mind.” But all this superpower business isn’t fun and games to Dion’s Mom, Nicole.

Netflix has given us quite the description for Dion’s Mother, and this writer already loves her character! Nicole is:

“a former professional dancer who gave it up to raise her son Dion when her husband Mark (Michael B Jordan) died. Although Nicole is completely overwhelmed by raising her son alone while dealing with the loss of her husband, she is still effortlessly cool and maintains a positive outlook on life for Dion. As Dion’s abilities become more and more apparent, Nicole’s protective nature heightens as she starts to fear for his safety.”

Give me this strong, loving, and badass female character right now please!

The leads for said characters have been cast with newcomer Ja’Siah Young playing Dion and Shadowhunters‘ Alisha Wainwright playing Nicole.

They join previously announced cast members: Jason Ritter, Jazmyn Simon, and Michael B. Jordan.

What are your thoughts on the cast that’s been announced and the overall presence of the series? Honestly, I can’t wait to see this! Alisha is one of my favorite cast members on Shadowhunters and I’m so happy to see her in a new role.

10 one-hour episodes are expected to premiere on Netflix in 2019.