The Future of ‘Timeless’ is Uncertain

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Sadly, things aren’t looking too good for NBC’s Timeless. While the series’ fan base has been keeping up the pressure on various networks and streaming services (Netflix and Amazon are the hoped-for frontrunners), Sony has been shopping around the beloved time travel show in the days following its unfortunate cancellation. For the record, this is the second time this poor show has been unfairly cancelled. But it doesn’t seem like a miraculous turn of events will bail out the Lifeboat again. Co-showrunner Shawn Ryan revealed on Twitter earlier today that attempts to find Timeless a new home have been unsuccessful so far.

Sony, who has been vocal about its support for the show and its fans all season long—and through the fans’ agonizing wait for news—expressed their continued interest in a Timeless movie. A 2-hour movie could hardly make a dent in the plot threads that need to be tied up, but it’s the last option left.

Unfortunately, Shawn Ryan went on to explain that even this option poses some issues, citing “considerable economic obstacles” that could deter NBC from pursuing it. As he did his best to field fan questions and concerns following the update, Ryan explained that the average cost of a typical episode of Timeless is a whopping $4 million. It’s not much of a surprise with Timeless‘ gorgeous high production values. Bringing history to life this way comes with a gigantic price tag. Still, for their lack of promotion and stringing the fans along, it seems like a wrap-up movie is the least NBC could do for those seeking some closure.

Ryan, on behalf of show creator Eric Kripke and the rest of the cast and crew, thanked the fans for their outpouring of support and efforts to help Timeless find a way to continue. The writers’ room Twitter also expressed their gratitude for this very enthusiastic fandom and shared in their disappointment.

Again, it’s hard to believe a show of this quality that boasts such historical relevance and educational opportunities couldn’t rustle up any potential elsewhere. Even more baffling is the networks’ disinterest in cultivating an established series that has already garnered a loyal following willing to shell out money for merchandise or just to see their favorite time traveling team return. Though disappointed and heartbroken by the latest news, Timeless fans have vowed not to give up. Several campaigns are still in play to direct more attention at the cause, and this week there’s no doubt that efforts will double to get Timeless a proper conclusion, at the very least.

If the movie doesn’t pan out (it’s looking kinda grim, but we’re all keeping our fingers crossed), fans are still eager for a resolution and have already tossed around ideas for Timeless to live on in another storytelling medium. It’s all wishful thinking at this point, but a Timeless novel/comic book series doesn’t actually sound like a bad idea.

What do you think of a Timeless movie? Where and how would you like to see the series continue? Let us know in the comments!

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