REVIEW: Luke Cage S2 Ep5 – All Souled Out

Oohoo, this was an excellent episode. I love how the arc is building, and I love how creepily present Bushmaster was throughout even though he didn’t actually appear.

Breaking that table was not a great move, Luke.

I was happy to see Foggy, all earnest and helpful. Although of course it turns out the gig he had Luke do was not so much a good idea. Still, his banter with Luke was cute. I wonder if we’ll see him again next episode, or if that was that. Anyway, either way, Cockroach is dead and it’s pretty clear Luke didn’t kill him, so that particular legal issue is over with.

Also: Misty got her arm! Yes! I am so excited. As Luke said, it is extremely badass and I am very, very much looking forward to seeing her use it to knock out some bad guys. Apart from that, though, I’m also very glad she decided not to become the thing she hates. Who knows what kind of excuse she’ll come up with for being in Cockroach’s house, but at least she stopped herself in time. Her flashbacks to Scarfe were heartbreaking, though. I’m guessing she’d be having a hard time with just that right now, even if she hadn’t lost her arm.

Mariah continues to be so compelling that I’m even kind of sorry for her, after that gruesome reveal at the end. I mean, she’s not wrong that people need the kind of services she was planning to offer. And I was kind of pleasantly surprised that she told Tilda the truth about everything. That does show she’s trying to be trustworthy to her daughter, if nothing else. Too bad Tilda chose the wrong moment to go all in with her mother. Yikes.

I may have more than a slight girl-crush on Misty. Possibly.

I guess Shades will have the knowledge that he was right to comfort himself after this, even though I imagine their “invisible” money that Piranha was talking about might not exist anymore. Interesting to have a moment where Shades and Luke were on the same side – protect Piranha because he owes them both. Anyway, now that it’s basically too late, I assume Mariah won’t be ignoring him and his warnings anymore.

As for Piranha’s gig, I did feel for Luke’s embarrassment, not being able to believe he had to sell out like this. Although right up until the end, it was at least better than fighting a shark on TV! Heh. His eyerolls were pretty hilarious, though. And of course I totally caught the “Heroes For Hire” reference. He does need some cash, so I’m guessing this will be a turning point toward that end. I’m interested to see where that goes!