REVIEW: Luke Cage S2 Ep4 – I Get Physical

I gotta say, I am really enjoying the way this story arc is building. I mean, I’m still not enjoying that Luke and Claire are basically broken up now, but it is making Luke think about his life choices. And Claire did need to not be around him anymore for a while. (I wonder if we’ll get to see/hear what was in Claire’s Dear John letter?)

Their banter is always on point.

Anyway. It seems like a good thing for him that he’s still hanging out with Misty. She won’t let him get away with anything, and that includes telling him not to do anything too stupid right after getting his clock cleaned by Bushmaster. I’m glad he seemed to be willing to take it relatively easy for the moment. He’s starting to at least see more of the pieces, even though he may not be aware of all their connections yet.

I liked seeing Misty refusing to stop being on the case, too. Her conversation with the one-time friend of Bushmaster, aka “John-John,” was very interesting. And naturally I am ecstatic over the first actual mention of the arm that she totally needs to go get from Danny right now.

As for Shades and Mariah, I wonder if they’re going to be not really seeing eye to eye for the rest of the season. It’s kind of too bad. Someone as fiercely loyal as Shades – even though I don’t know why he’s that loyal to someone so untrustworthy – should be appreciated and listened to. And of course, he doesn’t even know he’s loyal to yet another untrustworthy person: his friend Comanche, who’s an informant for Misty’s boss. And of course I do think Shades is right, and Mariah’s going to get screwed in this business deal that she thinks is freeing her from her life of crime.

How about some bitterness and grudges with those drinks?

Bushmaster’s conversation with her was quite interesting. All those veiled threats and insults! Both actors have so much charisma, it’s hard not to get drawn in. And honestly I don’t know which I’m rooting for or against more. I suppose it partly depends on what, exactly, the wrong Bushmaster wants to right is. Oh, but I do have to say it’s suuuuper creepy for anyone, especially a guy who uses black magic, to refer to himself as “the stone the builders refused.” You are in no way Jesus or any kind of messiah, dude.

Other things. I was also intrigued by the conversation between Luke and Tilda. It’s clear that she did recognize Bushmaster as the guy who bought all the black magic stuff. Apparently she even eventually recognized the specific concoction he was making with it. So what’s she going to do with that knowledge, if she didn’t want to tell Luke? She doesn’t seem to wish Luke ill, since she wanted him to get treatment for his concussion.

Lastly, I’m happy that Fish gets to go be a hero for his daughter, and I realize that having his normal means of support out of the picture makes sense for Luke’s journey, but I didn’t want him to leave! Not even temporarily. Alas. Maybe Misty or Danny can help him with whatever legal issues were just handed to him at the end there.