REVIEW: Cloak & Dagger, S1 Ep5 – Princeton Offense

This week’s Cloak & Dagger traded in the heaviness of last week’s episode for lighter and more fast-paced story lines. The thread that has connected Tandy and Tyrone throughout has only gotten stronger, which inevitably causes them to cross paths in the most unlikely of places.

After a failed suicide attempt in the last episode Tandy bounces back with a purpose. She takes the files she had retrieved from Greg’s office and she spreads them across the floor of her church. Little by little she creates a trail that will hopefully lead her to answers about her father’s death and the people behind it.

Tyrone, on the other hand, is dealing with more normal teenaged things. The state basketball championship is finally upon them and everyone at his school is feeling the school spirit. Including Tandy, apparently, who pops up at Tyrone’s locker unannounced. She excitedly tells him that she has finally gained control of her powers, and to prove it she whips out a blinding bright dagger in front of him and anyone else in the general vicinity. He makes her put it away before asking her why she’s there, and she tells him that she needs a computer lab and a printer.

In the computer lab Tandy immediately starts searching Roxxon employees. There is one man in particular that she is looking for – the main “villian,” if you will – but he was unattainable so she settled instead for his foot soldiers, as she called them. She finds pictures of three different executives and she confides in Tyrone that she was going to use her powers to see their hopes in order to get information. Tyrone thinks that using that specific power is basically stealing someone’s thoughts, but Tandy counters that she’s had so much stolen from her family her entire life that maybe it’s about time she started stealing some of it back.

In her quest to find the Roxxon “foot soldiers” she comes across information about a party that is being held for Roxxon executives. She decides to try her luck there and her ticket inside the party comes via an escort agency. Once inside she slinks around the room looking for three specific party guests. Her plan is to touch them and see their hopes, which she hopes will lead her to her mystery man.

At the state championship game Tyrone struggles while playing, because his body seems to have a mind of its own. He can’t catch the ball to save his life and he walks around in a daze. When he is touched by a referee he’s suddenly transported to the woods as he watches the man getting beat up by a bookie. Once he comes out of his trance it’s halftime of a very, very close game.

Back at the party Tandy continues stalking her prey. She finds each of her “marked” men and sees their hopes until she finally gets a name: Peter Scarborough. Her triumph is short-lived because out of nowhere Tyrone, in his basketball uniform, appears in front of her. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that Tandy over-using her powers is causing Tyrone’s to go haywire, because he hasn’t figured out how to control them yet. He chastises her for what’s happening, but she’s not trying to hear it because it’s gotten her results.

Tyrone wants to leave and he demands that she send him back. She does him one better and pushes him over a railing in hopes of jumpstarting his powers. Lucky for Tyrone it does. He lands in a fountain but appears back in the locker room soaking wet. He goes back in the game, but he can see the fears of every player from the opposite team that he touches. At last, in the final seconds of the game, Tyrone takes the shot…and he misses. Despite the devastation of his fellow team members a small smile creeps over his face as he sees the opposite team celebrate their win.

Later on Tandy, now dressed as a school girl, knocks on the door of Peter Scarborough’s home. She asks if she can come inside and use the phone, because her car has a flat down the road. Peter refuses and instead offers to change the tire himself. At the car Tandy watches as he changes the tire and a dagger forms in her hand. You can see her struggle with not killing the man responsible for her father’s death, but finally the dagger disappears and she touches him instead. What she sees is a horrifying vision of Peter in swampy water wading around and collecting rolls and rolls of money from the dead floating bodies of his former employees. One of those employees was a man by the name of Ivan Hess.

At the end of the episode Tandy somehow ends up at the filming of an infomercial for the newly branded Roxxon Gulf. A woman stands in front of a green screen and talks about how after the death of her father Roxxon Gulf supported her and her education. So now she’s going to show her gratitude by working for them to create a better world. The woman’s name is Mina Hess.

This episode of Cloak & Dagger started off a bit slow in comparison to the previous episodes, but as always it ended with a big bang and another stunning revelation. I appreciate the back and forth between Tandy and Tyrone’s respective stories; however, their strongest scenes are always together, so I look forward to more of those in the upcoming episodes.

Cloak & Dagger airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on Freeform.