REVIEW: Luke Cage S2 Ep3 – Wig Out

Aiiieeeee, I don’t know if I can handle the tension!

This was a good scene.

First of all, I’m sorry (mostly), Claire. I still think you should stop bringing up Luke’s dad all the time, but you’re no Trish from S2 of Jessica Jones. You really are trying to stop Luke from plummeting down into darkness. And he’s refusing to listen and making it all about him. Of course he’s not totally wrong about everything he’s arguing, or even perhaps everything he’s doing. But let’s just say if he hadn’t left when Claire told him to – and apologized with no ifs, ands, or buts beforehand, I would have had a hard time still liking him. And the fact that I’m even that close makes me sad.

Highlight, for sure: Misty and Colleen. Having seen the clip ahead of time didn’t make it even one percent less satisfying this time. I still have no desire to see Danny, but if he can just be kind of a background character to Misty, Colleen, and Luke, I’m up for that. Colleen certainly seems to be the friend Misty needs right now. And I need Misty to get her new arm like yesterday. I will keep saying that until it happens.

This scene, OTOH, I could watch every day for the rest of my life.

Mariah and Tilda continue to be compelling. I like that it’s not just Mariah who has issues with emotions, by Tilda’s own admission. But again, at this point, I’m just assuming her heart will be broken hugely when she finds out just what her mother is involved with even as she talks about taking her family into the light. And then she’ll probably be killed by Bushmaster, so… sorry, Tilda. Also still wondering what Shades will do when Mariah’s need to be close to her daughter continues to make her ignore him. If that’s even what you call it, when it’s her actual child versus her boytoy. Anyway, at least he got some affection when he brought her those bags and bags of money.

Speaking of Bushmaster, the scene where Luke confronts his guys was amaaaazing. See, Luke, that’s the kind of “fighting” you should always do: easily managing the situation, not breaking a sweat, and proving your awesomeness. Catching the grenade and letting it blow up harmlessly between your hands was an especially nice touch. As for Bushmaster himself, the black magic makes me very nervous. I wish he’d listen to his friend and do less of that, as well as less of the focusing on Luke. As the episode closes, it’s hard to say whether I expect Bushmaster to kidnap and torment Luke now, so early in the season, or whether the punch and the warning was all he wants to do right now. But I do know I won’t be waiting long to watch more so I can find out.