REVIEW: Luke Cage S2 Ep2 – Straighten It Out

Well, I gotta say, after watching episode two, I’m even more worried about Claire and Luke. But now I’m more worried that they’re going to break up (and then she might get fridged, which would be the worst).

As much as she has a point about the importance of reconciliation, and as much as I agree that hate serves no purpose except to eat you up from the inside, I wish Claire would have listened to Fish’s advice. It isn’t her right to meddle in Luke’s relationship – or lack thereof – with his dad. Despite her motives, it’s starting to come across as manipulative. It’s not a good thing when you remind me of Trish in season two of Jessica Jones, Claire. You’re not there yet, but you could be. So don’t.

Harlem’s selfie-magnet

As for Luke, don’t do the opposite of what Claire suggests just because you’re frustrated with her. She’s worried about your soul – and now I am, too. I really didn’t enjoy watching Luke almost kill a boy’s father right in front of him, even though that man is/was awful. I hope this makes him take a step back and breathe. And maybe realize that bulletproof doesn’t actually equal invincible.

Speaking of needing to take a breath instead of filling with rage, I wanted to punch just about everyone other than Luke who interacted with Misty this episode. But I loved that she finally called all of her coworkers out and made them stop the staring, the pity, and the jokes. Hopefully that will last. Or better still, hopefully Misty will get her new arm soon. Then she can be the one to punch everyone, and I’ll just watch and soak up the awesome.

I’m intrigued by the introduction of Tilda, Mariah’s daughter. Since we’d never heard anything about her before this, we can assume the relationship was pretty darn broken. And I kinda hope Tilda is as skeptical that Mariah can really do this “second chance” thing as I am. It’s just that I don’t believe Mariah has much of a heart at all. Tilda’s, on the other hand, might still be vulnerable to being broken again when she learns that her mother only reconnected with her for political gain.

Speaking of Mariah’s effect on people’s hearts, I guess I have to take back what I said about Shades in the previous review. It seems like he really does love Mariah. Why, I haven’t the faintest clue. Sure, she’s gorgeous and powerful and rich, but can’t he tell, about her lack of ability to love him back? Anyway, I’m thinking his heart is going to get broken this season, too. I honestly don’t know what he’ll do after that.

Maybe if you’d watched Grimm, Tilda, you’d have known working at the Spice Shop was a dangerous idea.

Last but not least, I have to talk about Bushmaster. Now we know that his bullet-resistance seems to be a result of black magic. We also know that his relative (?) warned that there will be consequences to using this particular mixture all the time. Moreover, even if Tilda has changed her last name, Bushmaster will find out that she’s a Dillard (if he doesn’t already know). So she’ll be in danger from him soon. I assume he’s planning to screw Mariah over by saying he’ll front the cash she needs, and then pulling out of the deal. At least he hates Mariah more than he is bothered by Luke – for the time being.

Good stuff, show (including your ever-amazing music). Forward!