REVIEW: Cloak & Dagger, S1 Ep3 – Stained Glass

The third episode of Cloak & Dagger opens with a machine hard at work building…something. What that something is remains a mystery throughout the entire episode, but it serves as a perfect example of what the episode is: a confusing yet intriguing mind trip that keeps you guessing until the very end.

The action picks up moments after the car accident that occurred in the final moments of episode two. Fireflies flutter around a dazed and confused Tandy (Olivia Holt), who was laying on the ground after being ejected from the car. As she comes to she sees a blurry figure headed towards her with a gun in his hand as he says, “you may have a concussion or something. Calm down.” Those words echo over and over as she struggles to get up from the ground and once she reaches her feet she asks, “Are you trying to kill me?”

The hazy gunman assures her that he’s not and asks why she would think that, so she reminds him of the gun he has in his hand. He puts it in his pocket and as he does his identity becomes clear to both Tandy and the viewers. Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) looks on warily as Tandy starts listing all the places she remembers him from before finally accusing him of shooting at her. When he tells her the bullet wasn’t meant for her she demands to know who it was meant for instead. Before he can answer she tells him not to bother and she walks past him back to the damaged car. Tyrone follows her and tries to explain how he was in the city one minute and in the middle of nowhere the next but Tandy is not trying to hear anything from him. She gets into the car as the sound of police sirens fill the air and she tells Tyrone, “don’t take this personal, but I hope I never see you again.”

Elsewhere, Detective Brigid O’Reilly (Emma Lahana) goes to the hospital to question Rick (Mike Donovan) on the events that lead to him occupying a hospital bed. When she starts to question him about the scratches, or ‘defensive’ wounds, on his face and asks why the paramedics found him with his pants unbuckled suddenly Rick didn’t want to talk anymore because he was tired.

Over at the trailer park Tandy, still bloodied and bruised, sneaks into her mother’s trailer and goes to her bathroom and makes an effort to clean herself up. The task is hard one because of a debilitating high pitched noise she hears in her head. Her mother walks in and asks if she’s okay before going in on her daughter for having the nerve to come back after the way she left. Melissa’s tirade is cut short by the arrival of the New Orleans police.

It’s Detective O’Reilly, there to speak with Tandy. Melissa lies that she hasn’t seen her daughter in weeks, maybe even months. Detective O’Reilly says she’s not there to arrest Tandy, just to speak with her in regards to a possible assault. Ultimately it doesn’t work and the detective leaves, but when Melissa goes to the bathroom to tell Tandy the coast is clear, all she finds is an empty bathroom and an open window.

Later that night Tandy ends up on a sparsely filled bus. She finds an empty seat and wraps herself in her hoodie, closing her eyes and wincing in pain as that ear-splitting, high-pitched noise fills the air again.

Moments later Tandy opens her eyes but now the bus is darker and she’s all alone. She gets up and walks to the front and once there the door slides opens and a blinding white light greets her. She steps into the light and suddenly she is staring a wall covered with colorful graffiti and in front of that wall stands Tyrone–a young Tyrone.

At this point the story goes back to the beginning of the episode. Back to the machine hard at work on an object that is starting to take the shape of what appears to be a small statue. Back to the scene of the accident, only this time it’s from Tyrone’s point of view instead of Tandy’s.

The next day Tyrone ends up in the chapel at his school. He lights a candle, gets on his knees, and begins to pray. He wants to understand what is happening to him and how to control it or control himself. After he’s done Tyrone’s classmate, Evita (Noelle Renee Bercy), walks into the room. She overhead him talking about being cursed and she has a plan to help. She asks him to meet her after school.

As it turns out her after school job is being a tour guide for the ‘Down by the Voodoo Tour.’ The tour begins in Congo Square, which is one of the birthplaces of New Orleans Voodoo. Evita explains that Sunday in Congo Square was the only place that slaves could congregate in the 18th and 19th centuries. They would come to play music, dance, and practice sacred voodoo rituals. Rituals that were meant to protect, guide, cleanse, and remove curses.

The next stop on the tour is St. Theresa’s church, and there they learn about the famous voodoo priestess Marie Laveau. She worshiped at St. Theresa’s and her tomb is located there. The tomb is covered in many markings because many believe that she is still so powerful that even from beyond the veil she can grant wishes.

Evita asks for volunteers to make a wish but she chooses Tyrone. In order to get his wish granted, he has to mark the tomb with an ‘X,’ turn around three times, take a deep breath, make a wish, and clap his hands once. Tyrone gives Evita a dubious look before doing exactly what she asks.

Later the tour moves on to ‘Damballah’ which is a voodoo store owned by Evita’s aunt. When Tyrone meets her he is instantly drawn to the collection of dolls that are lined up on the mantle. Evita’s aunt, who is a formidable force, isn’t so impressed with him and she tells Evita, “I don’t know about this one…he doesn’t think he deserves help.” Tyrone sputters out a reply but it’s not a convincing denial.

Evita’s aunt starts to lay down playing cards on the table as she speaks another language quietly to herself. One of the cards put down is a joker and she looks up at Tyrone and says, “Joker. Both hopes and fears position.” Tyrone asks her which one it is, hopes or fears, and she responds that some will say it’s the same. She then pauses and tells him he needs a bath and Evita explains it’s to cleanse away the evil spirits. Tyrone wasn’t open to the idea of a bath until Evita’s aunt dryly told him that his other option would be for her to hit him over the head and give him a concussion. So, bath it is.

Tyrone and Evita go to his house and prepare the bath. Once he settles in Evita tells him to relax and close his eyes, and after a moment’s hesitation he does as she requests. After a few moments he opens his eyes and the room is considerably darker and he’s all alone. He walks downstairs calling his parents but there is no reply, so he goes through the front door and finds himself on top of a roof with a bright red ‘ROXXON CORP’ sign shining ominously in the background. Directly in front of him stands a young Tandy decked out in her pink leotard and tutu.

Back in Tandy’s vision she watches as a young Tyrone bounces a basketball repeatedly. His brother shows up and they joke around for a bit before his friends show up to tell him they’re ready to steal a stereo. This time Billy makes the right choice and decides to stay with his brother. He hands little Tyrone a check and then goes to shoot the ball in the hoop. He misses and the ball inexplicably lands in a wooded area.

Tandy’s looks around in confusion as Tyrone walks out from behind a tree all dressed in white. He stoically goes to a decorated wood table and picks up a pistol. In front of him is the police officer that killed his brother. He shoots and kills him, and after he does the gun is replaced by two checks, both smeared with blood. Suddenly cops in riot gear appear and began chasing Tyrone.

The vision begins again but this time a noose replaces the gun; however, the result is the same. The vision starts for a third time, but this time Tandy manages to stop Tyrone by telling him that he couldn’t keep doing the same thing because the end result would be the same. She produces a dagger and sets it on the table next to the gun. Tyrone pics up the dagger but it turns into the solution that he needs: a pair of  handcuffs. He turns and faces the cop who killed his brother and slowly advances on him until finally the cop takes off and runs away.

Back in Tyrone’s vision he’s still on the roof with young Tandy. He doesn’t even realize that it’s her until he hears a voice yelling out dance positions to her. Young Tandy struggles to get the positions correct and Tyrone watches until he realizes that she’s getting too close to a puddle of water that has an electric current in it due to the Roxxon Corp sign. He runs to save her and is instantly transported back to the wood. This time it’s night and he’s standing outside a glass box. Inside is Tandy’s dad, strapped down to a chair, as a board meeting goes on around him. Watching by his side silently is Tandy.

Tyrone and Tandy watch as everyone, with the exception of Tandy’s dad, votes ‘no’ to some mysterious motion. Then the other members of the board stand up and walk over to Tandy’s dad with pitchers of water in their hands. As Tyrone watches in horror some of the board members hold Tandy’s father down while other’s pour water over his face. Tyrone yells and pounds on the glass window to no avail, and when he tries to get Tandy to help she just takes off running.

The vision starts over but this time Tandy’s mom is the one speaking to the boardroom and Tandy takes off running again. She falls into the swamp and she struggles to make it across even as Tyrone asks her what she thinks she’s going to find on the other side.

The vision starts over for the third time but this time it’s young Tandy and she’s fighting to help her Dad but she’s picked up and removed. The other members of the board surround Tandy’s dad once again with their pitchers of blood red liquid and Tyrone, who is still pressed up against the glass yells at her, “Can’t you see what is happening right in front of your face? Why aren’t you helping me?” Tandy makes a move to run again but Tyrone finally gets her to stop by using his power to cloak her. He begs her to stop running and to try something else. Suddenly she produces a dagger and walks towards the glass box. Once she touches the dagger to the glass Tyrone is transported somewhere else.

The visions then goes back and forth between Tandy with little Tyrone in a check cashing office and Tyrone with little Tandy in the old church she calls home. But it ends when the two of them touch a stained glass window at the same time.

Back in reality Tyrone connects with Evita over his experience and they share a kiss. Elsewhere, Tandy decides to face her fears so she reaches out to Detective O’Reilly about her assault. However, Rick’s uncle, Officer Connors, tampered with evidence and made it near impossible for Rick to be convicted of anything.

Back at Damballah we finally see the mysterious item in its final forms. It’s a small black statue and it bears an uncanny resemblance to Tyrone. Evita’s aunt studies the figurine carefully and deliberately as she places it on the mantle along with all of her other figurines.

The last scene of the episode takes place in Tandy’s church. She comes back after her unsuccessful and unsatisfactory meeting with Detective O’Reilly to find Tyrone standing there. He tells her that that they need to talk and after the events of the last episode I couldn’t agree more.

Cloak & Dagger airs Thursdays at 8/7c. on Freeform.