Details revealed for Westworld episode 9

Westworld, S2 Ep9 - Vanishing PointPhotos and details for the upcoming episode of Westworld have been released by HBO. The episode is entitled Vanishing Point and will feature the backstory of William also known as the Man in Black.

William has always been a mysterious character, the son-in-law of Delos and a guest who has become obsessed with the park and some quest for the Valley Beyond. We know little of his life outside the park though some key details have been revealed as the series progressed. His wife committed suicide and his daughter blames him for this. And somehow he decided to escape the despair of the real world by throwing himself into Westworld.

Westworld, S2 Ep9 - Vanishing PointEarlier this season, we were introduced to William’s daughter, Emily (played by Katja Herbers), who starts out as a guest in Raj World and then tracks down her wayward father. There were some moments between the father and daughter that hinted at a potential reconciliation between them. But William is determined to see through his mysterious quest and he considered that more important than returning to his old life to repair his relationship with his daughter.

He was shot by his companion Lawrence, only to survive the attack and then be taken by the Ghost Nation. In the last, amazing episode which centered on the story of Akecheta, Emily briefly appeared only to take charge of her injured father.

Westworld, S2 Ep9 - Vanishing PointThe trailer for Vanishing Point as well as the photos released by HBO show Sela Ward playing William’s wife. Perhaps we will finally get to see some of the events that led to her tragic demise.

The synopsis of the episode is:

“Try to kill it all away, but I remember everything.”

Don’t miss the penultimate episode of the second season of Westworld on Sunday on HBO.

Watch the trailer for the episode below:

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