REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S4 Ep8 – No One’s Gone

Fear the Walking Dead S04E08 No One's Gone

Fear the Walking Dead delivered a heartbreaking mid-season finale as all the characters had a vicious showdown at the baseball stadium and the fate of a major player was finally revealed.

So there we have it.

RIP Madison Clark.

Fear the Walking Dead S04E08 No One's GoneWe had our suspicions all throughout the season and though it was too painful to contemplate another Clark dying, after Nick’s sudden demise a few episodes ago, this was not too much of a shock. After all, there was no sign of Madison in the “present” timeline, and her kids seemed so hellbent on revenge after what went down in the baseball stadium.

Everything went back to that in this moving and action-packed episode, as Morgan and Naomi tried to find medical supplies to tend to John Dorie’s injury, Al has to face off against a furious Alicia, who has tracked them down to the setting of a personal tragedy.

Fear the Walking Dead S04E08 No One's GoneIn a flashback, we find out that Madison and Althea actually met some time ago, with the former acting particularly ruthless in her quest to protect her children. After an awkward meeting, they come to terms and Madison agrees to tell Al her story, and her devotion to her children. She shares her struggles and her pain with Al but doesn’t tell the journalist her real name or those of her children.

It’s only when Alicia conveniently finds some instant noodles in Al’s truck that she realizes that Madison had met the other woman before. She finds a tape labeled “Amina” after the bird that she and her brother had rescued when they were little. This is the name Madison gave Al. Turns out their meeting happened way before they reached the stadium, where Madison was convinced that they could build a home safe from all the horrors of Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead S04E08 No One's GoneThey managed to have a good life until the Vultures came. And in order to save her children from the horde of walkers unleashed by Ennis, Madison leads them inside the stadium and locks herself in, one final sacrifice to allow her children to survive.

Knowing this only makes Nick’s own death sting more. And I can’t imagine how Alicia feels now that she’s the last Clark standing. She has more than proven her strength and intelligence in the past few seasons but the weight of her recent losses may take their toll on her. It was fortunate that Morgan managed to reach her through her rage and grief, and she still has Strand and Luci, but still, she has endured something unspeakable.

Fear the Walking Dead S04E08 No One's GoneSome may not have been pleased with this development but I found Madison’s death all the more moving because it was completely in character. Madison has always established herself as a complicated woman, willing to do anything and everything to protect her children. And so she died doing just that. Kim Dickens has done an amazing job with the character over the course of three and a half seasons and she admitted that she was heartbroken that her journey had to end. But I found it was a fitting exit.

Things are changing drastically not just for Fear the Walking Dead but for the main show as well, with one show losing its lead and the other about to lose Rick Grimes. But I am still invested in the journeys of the characters left behind, with Alicia and Strand remaining from the first season, Luci from the second, Morgan from the main show, and a few, intriguing new additions from this season. I’m not sure where the show will go from here, but I’m still interested and I can’t wait to see what happens next.