WATCH: Blumhouse Productions Revives ‘Halloween’ in First Official Trailer

John Carpenter’s 1978 film Halloween will always remain a horror classic, though the franchise of films that spawned from its incarnation went a bit off the rails and varied drastically in quality and success. While Halloween II and 1998’s Halloween H20 worked well enough to continue and conclude the story, Halloween III through Halloween VII, which took place in between, were kind of their own story. Halloween: Resurrection, which continued from Halloween H20, was the nail in the coffin for the franchise and led to Dimension Films rebooting the series with Rob Zombie’s Halloween in 2007 and Halloween II in 2009.

Now, nearly 10 years after the last attempt, Blumhouse Productions along with Universal Pictures are revamping the franchise yet again with a new Halloween, which will be direct sequel to Halloween (1978). The film will disregard every movie that took place after John Carpenter’s original vision and reintroduce the world to the shape known as Michael Myers and the lone survivor who helped take him down so many years ago: Laurie Strode.

Directed by David Gordon Green (Vice Principals, Stronger) and co-written by actor/writer Danny McBride (Vice Principals, Eastbound & Down), Halloween will see Jamie Lee Curtis reprise her iconic role as Laurie Strode. Starring alongside Curtis will be Judy Greer (Arrested Development), Virginia Gardner (Ruanways), Will Patton (Falling Skies), and Jefferson Hall (Vikings).

Based on the trailer we find out that Michael Myers was captured after the conclusion of Halloween (1978) and has been in an insane asylum ever since. After Jefferson Hall’s Martin reignites Michael’s fire with the reveal of his old mask he escapes. This leads him right back to Haddonfield, Illinois where he will cross paths yet again with Laurie, who is ready and has been “praying” for him to escape just so she can take him down once and for all.

Halloween is set to release in theaters October 19th. Check out the full trailer below and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.