HBO Europe’s Head Over Heels, When Shall We Kiss now available in the US

When Shall We KissAs of June 1, two of HBO Europe’s original productions, Head Over Heels and When Shall We Kiss will be available on the HBO streaming platform in the US.

Subscribers on HBO Now, HBO GO, HBO On Demand will now be able to enjoy these two romantic comedy series which are based on the Israeli format of When Shall We Kiss. Head Over Heels is set in the Czech Republic while When Shall We Kiss is set in Hungary.

According to the press release by HBO, these two shows “depict complex sexual relationships in Central Europe.” More details are as follows:

“The series follow a group of friends as they get entangled head over heels in romance, humor, love beyond the grave, hysteria and helplessness, through vignettes from everyday life, as they find themselves in unpredictable and often cruel situations. Whether it’s in their bedroom, workplace or at their favorite bar, there’s something in every part of their life that we can relate to. “

Head Over Heels consists of 23 episodes while When Shall We Kiss consists of 26 episodes.

It’s great to see that HBO is diversifying its content by making shows like these available to a wider audience. Hopefully, this will allow viewers to gain more insights into the kind of programs popular in other continents while also finding common elements that they can relate to and appreciate.

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