GALLERY: Jim Henson Exhibit descends on LA’s Skirball Cultural Center

There’s little we can all agree on in the world of entertainment, but I think one agreement should be that if you can’t find something in the creations of Jim Henson that you enjoy, then we despair for you.

From The Muppets to Sesame Street, The Dark Crystal to Labyrinth, the worlds created by Jim Henson have something to offer just about anyone. Namely, an escape from the mundanities of life into worlds of wonder and joy.

The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited, is at the Los Angeles Skirball Cultural Center through September 2nd, 2018, and features a collection of artifacts and interactive displays that take guests through the career of Jim Henson – from his early work in commercials and shorts, to Kermit, Miss Piggy, and all the characters for which he is best known.

Guests of the Skirball get the chance to take a look at some of Henson’s most famous creations – the puppets we all know and love from The Muppets, The Dark Crystal, and even costumes from Labyrinth – as well as early notes and storyboards for these and other projects in Henson’s own hand. They can even try their hand at a puppet show, with several “sets” and puppet pals.

The timing of the exhibition couldn’t be more timely. “There’s a lot of people out there who feel very strongly that we’re at this intersection right now where we can either choose to go to violence and division, or we can choose compassion and kindness, connectivity and empathy,” said Skirball Curator Bethany Montagano, at a press preview of the Jim Henson Exhibition on Wednesday. “At the Skirball, we seek out perspectives that cultivate compassion and inspire empathy. We feel so strongly that Jim Henson led with those values and folded a lot of those values into his characters and into his parables. And we know that our audience here is very hungry for that as we figure out ways to navigate the social and political tumult of our times.”

Check out our gallery from the exhibit below, and if you’re in LA before September 2nd, make sure to make a run to the Skirball to visit the exhibit:


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