Four Times We Saw Nora Change the Past…and One Time We Didn’t

Guess Who’s Expecting…

Assuming Barry’s return as the origin point of Nora’s mistake, I think Cecile’s (Dani Nicolet) pregnancy is the first sign of changes to the timeline. This pregnancy storyline certainly came as a shock to both the audience… and Joe (Jesse L Martin), with many fans wondering why The Flash writers chose to take the Joecile relationship down this path. It was especially odd considering that up until then all the foreshadowing of future babies – for example the “we’re gonna need more diapers” line Barry uttered upon escaping the Speed Force episode 4.01 – hinted at Barry and Iris’ children from the comics, the Tornado Twins. However, if we view this as a sign of a change in the timeline, then one could reason that maybe Cecile’s pregnancy was supposed to be Iris’. In which case, by changing the timeline, Nora also inadvertently changed her own birth date.

The next 4 times we see Nora over the course of the back half of season 4, I believe, are her checking in on different points of the timeline to make sure the one small change she made didn’t significantly affect anything else. The only problem is that each time she travels, a major event happens that alters something new to the timeline….


Remember to say “I do”

The first time the audience, or any of the characters, get to meet Nora Allen is as a server at WestAllen’s wedding. I believe this is her next trip after making the initial change, which didn’t erase Barry’s 2024 disappearance but did alter the timeline of her birth. Nora travels back in time to check that the major events in time leading up to her existence are still in place. Nora’s awe and nervous rambling in speaking to Barry suggests that this is the first time she’s been able to have a conversation with her dad, and the “remember to say ‘I do’” is her willing this important milestone in her parents’ life, leading up to her existence, to stay intact. But then, Nazis show up. Surely, if Nazis crashing WestAllen wedding was always supposed to happen, Nora would have stayed to help, or at least given a more poignant warning beforehand.

“Allen Always Pays” 

The second time we see Nora is at the end of episode 4.11 “The Elongated Knight Rises,” in which she pays for Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) and Ralph Dibny’s (Hartley Sawyer) coffee. Particularly of interest, Nora babbles about how “the principle of infinite consequence [is] at work in our lives. It’s always expanding. Creating positive sums on an infinite basis.” One could argue that Nora’s awkward rambling was just to show how much she takes after her father. However, Nora could also be referencing how the one small change she made to the past has already started to alter the future, “creating positive sums on an infinite basis.” Judging from her demeanor at this point, excitedly writing down notes in her journal once Ralph and Cisco leave, it seems that, despite some minor hiccups, Nora’s plan to meddle in the past to positively affect her future may still work out after all.


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