REVIEW: The Flash, S4 Ep23 – We Are the Flash

The fourth season of The Flash comes to a close as Barry (Grant Gustin) and the rest of the team take on DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) one last time with the help of an unexpected ally. Marlize DeVoe (Kim Engelbrecht) joins the team in an effort to not only stop her husband from completing the Enlightenment, but to also find a shred of good left in him. This results in a Barry taking a literal trip into DeVoe’s mind using a combination of Cecile’s (Danielle Nicolet) telepathy and Wells’ (Tom Cavanagh) neural technology. The trip leads Barry and the team down a surprising path, and to the reintroduction of a formal teammate.

Entering the mind of DeVoe

The season finale, entitled “We Are the Flash,” fittingly named for the use of the term referenced earlier in the season and the equal contributions from every team member, is an unexpected conclusion to the entire DeVoe storyline. Not unexpected in a good way, either. Season four of The Flash may have started off a bit humorous and maintained some of that humor throughout, but once DeVoe began growing in power we realized Team Flash’s situation was no laughing matter. While his motivations for dumbing down society still seem ridiculous, there’s no denying how much of a formidable opponent DeVoe has become resulting from stealing the abilities from the bus metas. Despite this tremendous power of his, DeVoe is taken down all too easily by the finale’s end.

While taking on DeVoe in his mind is a unique approach to fighting a supervillain in this series, the fight is still just a fight and not a battle of wits or intelligence. Both Barry and Ralph (Hartley Sawyer), who is discovered wandering around DeVoe’s mind, have their same abilities as in the real world. So, while the finale seems to be unique it is ultimately just another physical fight, albeit a fun one at times.

Rather than leaving fans stressed over dark circumstances, “We Are the Flash” wraps up in a neat little bow and finds solutions to the team’s dilemmas quite easily. Ralph is able to retake his body by exiting DeVoe’s mind through some magical portal and Cecile successfully gives birth in S.T.A.R. Labs with little complication despite being choked out by DeVoe. The only downer about the final battle with the DeVoe is related to the plight of Marlize, as it’s discovered that any shred of what was good in DeVoe has been killed off.

Once Barry and Ralph succeed in the DeVoe mind battle, it’s still pretty early in the episode, so we’re left waiting for the other shoe to drop. Shortly after, DeVoe reemerges as a digital representation of his formal self, thanks to the abilities he stole from Kilgore, sabotaging his own Enlightenment by hauling one of his satellites down to Earth. As both Ralph and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) attempt to save Central City citizens from falling debris, Barry takes it upon himself to literally punch the fallen satellite, resulting in its destruction. This leads to the finale’s more surprising turn, as another speedster’s fist helps Barry in the satellite’s destruction. The fist belongs to Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy), the future speedster and daughter of Barry and Iris, and while her official introduction to Team Flash should be a happy one, the episode ends with her realizing she’s made a mistake; her mistake probably being her altering the timeline.

The last we’ll see of The Thinker

While “We Are the Flash” was definitely an entertaining season finale, it was not a worthwhile entry and the way it allows Team Flash to easily dispatch DeVoe and his plans nearly undermines threatening act DeVoe has done beforehand. The season concluding with mostly happy endings to ongoing threads is definitely welcome. Having Joe and Cecille become parents together, seeing Wally return for the birth of his baby sister, and having Wells regain most of his mind are nice moments that felt at place in this finale, but like the defeat of DeVoe, some of these came around all too easy, especially the return of Wells’ mind. Of course, Wells’ current circumstance was a bittersweet victory as he is no longer as smart as he once was.

Overall, while “We Are the Flash” was a bit lackluster, as a whole, the series’ fourth season was strong and served as one of its best so far. With the inclusion of Nora Allen we have something fun and new to look forward to in season five.