REVIEW: Siren – 1.10: “Aftermath”


More Raddie development in Season 2 would be well…rad.

The season finale of Siren was exactly what I wanted from the mermaid drama. It provided answers to the questions I had, included predictions I’ve had from the get-go, as well as some that I wasn’t suspecting at all.

I appreciate it when shows aren’t afraid to “go there.” Kill off a beloved character, split up a relationship we’ve all fawned over, or even put said characters in the most dire predicament. The season finale of Siren did all of that.


“Sister Gone.”

Seeing how Sibongile was listed as a main character, I was quite surprised when Donna didn’t recover from her gunshot wound. She’s a mermaid, surely the show could spring up some last minute mermaid ability that results in ultimate healing? But alas, even with the surprise help of Decker, she didn’t make it. Just so we’re on the same page here, Ryn ended up putting her out of her misery right? If so, that was some ballsy writing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that on a show that’s geared for teens. To be honest, I’m not that sad Donna was killed off. My favorite characters are Ryn, Maddie, and Helen. But with that said, Donna was the reason Ryn even went ashore Bristol Cove in the first place. She wouldn’t have been introduced to humans and have made a permanent home if it wasn’t for her. I think Donna’a death is going to have a everlasting effect for Ryn and the show.

We already saw an outcome from her death from well…Decker’s death. The effects of Donna’s siren song led the scientist to commit suicide. It was really after this happened that I realized just how powerful these siren songs are. Personally, I don’t think the show had done the best job at really showing how impactful these songs are. It seemed that at least Ben was acting normal throughout the series besides his last moments this episode. Speaking of, the effects and shot of Ryn saving Ben from nearly drowning was breathtaking. Ryn’s tail looked beautiful and the eerie yet calm shot of the water was beautiful! If we ever get any more underwater scenes, please create them like this!


Please explore more of Helen’s mer-family history in season 2!

Since Donna couldn’t go the normal mermaid funeral route (not being welcomed in the sea and all), the gang had to find an alternative spot to bury her. Cue the reveal of Helen’s mermaid relation! She’s 1/8th mermaid due to being a descendent of Pownall and his mermaid’s child. This was one of those plot-lines that I saw coming. I knew that she was somehow part mermaid. She had a store dedicated to mermaids, she has to be! What does intrigue me, though, is perhaps how Ben’s relationship will change with her, being that they’re related. Could we see an awkward family dinner between Helen and the Pownalls? And could a mermaid that’s also related to Helen make an appearance (if there are any)?


Could a new side of Maddie be on the horizon?

While the last thing that I want to bring up is minuscule in terms of the episode, it’s one of the things I’ve been most interested in seeing since the pilot. Maddie’s Mom just might return to Bristol Cove! Just when Maddie and Dale have come to accept the truth about mermaids and her prolonged (possibly forever) absence – she makes an appearance. Why? Does she want money for drugs? Could she feel bad for leaving? Or is there something bigger afoot? Like she had to leave because of mermaid reasons? Basically everyone’s a potential mermaid on this show, and Maddie’s Mom definitely fits. What are your thoughts on this? I would love to see her Maddie’s Mom on the show! And I will continue on my persistence to get Sherri Saum cast to play her. She’s already on a Freeform show that’s coming to an end…it could happen!

What were your favorite things about the season finale? Or what were the things that you felt the show could improve on?

I’m so glad this series has had the success that it’s had and I can’t wait to see what season two has in store for us!

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