REVIEW: Siren – 1.09: “Street Fight”


Tiny, but oh so mighty mermaid!

“Street Fight” is just what the title suggests for this Siren episode. I lost count of all the fights that took place in this episode – between human and mermaid, mermaid versus mermaid, etc. It’s clear that tensions are high between both parties.

While watching, I noticed that this episode continued to only lay one plot-line out: find Donna and her merfriends that have come ashore to Bristol Cove and stop them from harming anyone. We got a brief clip of Elaine trying to speak with Dr. Decker, but besides that, everyone’s attention was on the singular plot. Personally, I think this really allows the show to keep our attention at the fullest and we’re not taken in different directions with side plots. Some shows can do it, and we’ve seen it done on Siren before of course. But there’s so much mermaid mythology to uncover still and time that needs to be spent dealing with the merfolk, that adding a plot B or C wasn’t really an option.


Use your newfound mermaid knowledge wisely, Xander!

Speaking of mermaid mythology, that was the reason the mer-people were on land in the first place. Ryn’s spent too much time with humans and must be killed. Ryn’s explanation of the mermaid’s history put both the audience in a different perspective, and I’m sure Ben and Maddie. It’s been ingrained that humans are the enemy and if approached must be killed. That said, we saw a drastic difference between the mer-folk that we were introduced in this episode versus Ryn and even Donna. What are your thoughts and theories on the tale Ryn told of the original mermaid that fell in love with a human? My theory is that DNA runs through Helen. We still don’t know specifics of what exactly she is and it’s driving me mad!

Throughout the course of “Street Fight” we saw many near casualties. Dale got stabbed, Ryn defeated the previous dominant female mermaid, and Donna got shot. These events will surely continue and help move the events for our season finale forward. With the unexpected assist of Decker, can they save Donna? They better! She’s finally grown on me!

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The season finale, Siren, 1.10: “Aftermath” airs next Thursday at 8/7c on Freeform.
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