REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.09 & 3.10: “Famila Ante Omnia/Erchomai”


So long Lilith, my favorite villain. I can honestly say the next big bad won’t be as well-dressed as you.

In Shadowhunters‘ season 3 mid-season 2 hour finale, it’s time to tie up all those pending storylines in a neat little bow. Okay, so maybe we’re left with some ‘frayed’ edges, but the wait until 3B can’t be so bad, right?

Because this finale was split between two episodes, it was jam-packed with storylines galore! I’m not even sure I can split this up into my favorite moments, that much happened! I honestly think that’s what I loved the most about this season: everything kept my attention – even Jace’s storyline! (I now have so much love for him, thank you writers!).

With all finales, the villain usually either succeeds (for now…) or fails horribly. Unfortunately for Lilith, it was the latter. Everyone used their resources to take Lilith down – from Simon and his Mark of Cain, to Magnus obtaining enough power and magic to remove Jace’s demonic possession. Overall, I’m really happy with how Lilith’s storyline was played out this season. Nothing felt rushed or too unbelievable (she’s the Mother of all Demons after all). Plus, I also liked how the characters gradually found out Lilith’s plans. I have many opinions on what Jace had to go through under the possession of the Owl, but that’s for another time/editorial. This finale, we even saw a cameo from Valentine! That’s right, the incredible Alan Van Sprang made an appearance. Not gonna lie, I didn’t realize how much I missed him (Alan, not Valentine). But in terms of villains, my heart will always side with Lilith. How about you?


The duo I never knew I needed in my life. More Izzy/Jordan scenes in 3B please!

A storyline and characters that I was surprised were picked up again was between Simon, Heidi, and his family. Compared to the evil plans of Lilith, this plotline almost seems mundane. Probably because it is. Strip away the fact that Simon’s a vampire and you have the basis of someone wanting to be accepted by their family. Because everyone can relate to it, I think that’s what made watching Simon try to cope with his sister and Mom finding out he’s a vampire sad to watch. It didn’t help that Heidi held them hostage and that Simon desperately needed to feed. I’m sad to learn that Simon made his Mom believe he actually died via encanto, but I’m pleased that his older sister Becky is fine with her younger brother being a vampire. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of Rebecca Lewis. Sure she’s more of a minor character, but similar to Ollie (who I’m incredibly thankful is still alive!), we need some mundane characters on this show that are aware of the Downworld/Shadow World! Actually with that said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Heidi again – once she’s had her time with the Praetor of course. Could she behave differently or possibly work with her fellow vampires? I could see her coming in handy in certain situations. What were your thoughts on Heidi’s overall story arc? And I can’t talk about Simon’s storyline without bringing up the many scenes he had with Isabelle. With Maia currently out of town, will we be seeing more Sizzy scenes by chance? I should say that I’m still a huge fan of Simon/Maia, but I’m glad we’re finally getting some Simon and Isabelle development.


“I’m back! What’d I miss?”

Lastly, I can’t tell if I’m happy or frustrated with how we left things in the final moments of the episode. As of right now we’re to believe that Clary and possibly Alec are dead. Someone please confirm Alec’s status for me! Given that Jace’s parabatai rune wasn’t stripped away, I think he’s okay? Since Clary’s the main character, a statement probably would have been issued if Kat left the show. I’m not necessarily worried (as you shouldn’t be either), I’m just frustrated on the lengthy wait in addition to no 3B teaser. What are your theories about Clary’s status? Mine is that she somehow got dragged to Edom, which would allow for Magnus’ father to be further introduced.

What were your thoughts on the 2 hour mid-season finale and/or this season as a whole?

Let us know in the comments below!

Until 3B everyone – this summer, perhaps! Get those theories of Clary’s fate established and rewatch all your favorite scenes/episodes! Or if you’re like me, continue to read the book series.