REVIEW: Westworld, S2 Ep4 – The Riddle of the Sphinx

Westworld, S2 Ep4 - The Riddle of the Sphinx

Some questions to the series’ big mysteries are finally answered in this week’s episode of Westworld.

This was a Delos-focused episode so we did not check back with either Dolores or Maeve but instead spent time with Bernard and the Delos patriarch. Good news is (as good as things can get on Westworld) Elsie’s alive and well, despite being locked in a cave by Bernard. He finds her again and somehow convinces her to trust him, at least temporarily, and they go deeper inside the cave.

Bernard’s memory, we find out, is pretty glitchy so he’s an even more unreliable narrator than ever. This makes the multiple timelines even trickier to follow. But since Bernard is involved in different timelines, we’ll just have to figure it out along the way.

Elsie and Bernard find a secret lab where the white, nervy hosts are dead and the human lab techs are impaled. Bernard has some vague memories of being there before and trying to develop another type of technology related to the harvesting of guest DNA. In less technical terms, it seems that Delos was trying to find a way to “save” a human’s mind or consciousness in a hard-drive of sorts for it to be eventually uploaded into a host’s body.

Westworld, S2 Ep4 - The Riddle of the SphinxSpeaking of trying to live forever, we come to Jim Delos who, at the beginning of the episode, is seen to be living in some fancy, modern apartment, fully furnished and very comfortable. It turns out that this is just a cell in the cave and this version of Delos is a host with his mind uploaded into it. He had a not-so-subtle cough in episode 2 which is TV language for terminal illness. He gets regular visits from his son-in-law, William, both the younger and the older version. Through these visits he learns about the passage of time in his family, mostly a succession of deaths: his wife, his son Logan (from an overdose), and his daughter Juliette (apparently suicide.) We then later learn that old Delos has been burned to death 148 times because the lab has not yet perfected the technology to properly preserve and reanimate him.

But there have been hints throughout the season so far that someone else might be making a comeback: Ford. He’s been talking cryptically to old Man in Black through other hosts so he has managed to program some of himself into them. He’s also left a mysterious master plan, parts of which Bernard/Arnold is aware of, and has been executing. If anyone would have figured out what Delos was up to, it was him, and he probably wanted to thwart their efforts even from beyond the grave. It’s very probable that he will be resurrected at some point since he didn’t even seem too bothered about Dolores killing him in last season’s finale.

Westworld, S2 Ep4 - The Riddle of the SphinxIn the rest of the park, Man in Black and Laurence are held captive by the Major and his Confederados, frustrated after Dolores betrayed them last week. The Major tries to threaten him but, in a big show of Westworld violence, William gets rid of them all in brutal fashion and Laurence and his family go free. Not much else can be said about this section.

The big reveal comes at the end where someone confronts William and his group. She’s the female guest from Raj world who just narrowly escaped being mauled to death by a Bengal tiger. And she turns out to be Emily, William’s daughter. A Delos family reunion. But from the way William talked about her to her grandfather, there are hints that the bond between father and daughter is rather strained. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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