REVIEW: Lucifer, S3E24 – A Devil of My Word

Just as Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and his friends must mourn Charlotte, so too must we mourn our beloved show in “A Devil of My Word.” That is, unless someone takes pity on us all and decides to #SaveLucifer. But until then, we are left with a beautiful, thrilling and heart-wrenching episode that pulls out all the stops.

The dream team.

Everyone is dealing with their pain as best they can while trying to solve Charlotte’s murder. Ella (Aimee Garcia) hasn’t found any evidence aside from 9mm bullets, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) refuses to take time off until the case is closed, and Chloe (Lauren German) tries to provide comfort. Then there’s Pierce (Tom Welling), who fakes his concern like the consummate liar and murderer he is.

Alejandro gives a truly touching performance when Dan finally does let himself grieve, and his pain also gives way to an investigative lead that might take Pierce down. He brings his findings to Chloe immediately, which is a breath of fresh air that Lucifer doesn’t always gift us. She takes the skeptical approach as usual, but Lucifer comes clean about knowing Pierce was the Sinnerman all along. And the Lieutenant makes the fatal mistake of showing emotion over Charlotte’s death, Chloe is finally convinced that he killed her. The three amigos are forced to play along as their faithless leader plants evidence to create a fall guy, but at least now they have the power of knowledge on their side. Well, some knowledge, seeing as Chloe continues to assume that all of Lucifer’s talk of divinity and damnation is a metaphor. If only he had wings or a devil mask to show her…

Never before has a case of the week been so gripping, which is understandable considering how much everyone loved Charlotte. But “A Devil of My Word” raises the stakes even further by forcing the detectives to work backwards from a premise they can’t prove about a man they all trusted. It’s a tense hour, but also surprisingly a fun one that allows Chloe and Dan opportunities to play by very different rules from their usual cop ones. Eventually they even rope poor Ella in, and the question of whether she’s following through or inadvertently giving them away to Pierce brings a new layer of dread to the proceedings.

TFW when your reckoning is here.

Lucifer and Chloe’s separate standoffs with Pierce are some of Ellis’ and German’s best work, and even as the logical part of me screamed at them not to confront the murderer – you never confront the murderer – the emotional one couldn’t wait to see how far “A Devil of my Word” would take things. And those aren’t the only scenes that cut deep, as Dan displays over and over again how far he’d go for the woman he loved and even Ella takes a moment to confront her God amidst all the horrible events surrounding her.

Meanwhile, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) fights her way out of the grip of Pierce’s goonies in order to save Linda (Rachael Harris). She then interrupts her work, desperately worried and bleeding profusely, leading to some of the most beautiful moments the two women have had all season. It almost makes the love triangle with Amenadiel worth it, but it’s still a shame they didn’t get to spend more time together – or onscreen at all – during Lucifer‘s final episode.

Also worth it? The season-long journey towards Lucifer accepting his wings, and the series-long journey towards Chloe accepting the truth about him.  In fact, accepting hard truths is really the theme of the night, which the final heart-stopping moments prove all too well. Showrunner Joe Henderson tweeted that the cliffhanger would frustrate fans, and he’s not wrong. But at the same time, that last image is so poetic that’s it makes perfect sense why he and Ildy Modrovich chose that note to end on. Here’s hoping there’s a way for the story to continue, but if not then I thank the cast and crew of Lucifer for leaving us with such a well-made parting gift and for creating such an addictive series in the first place.

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