REVIEW: Fear The Walking Dead, S4 Ep5- Laura

Fear The Walking Dead, S4 Ep5- Laura

Fear the Walking Dead offered a simple, poignant love story as we explored the growth of the relationship between John Dorie and Laura (Naomi).

After last week‘s heartbreaking reveal about Laura’s fate, we got to watch how the relationship between her and John Dorie developed. Once again this season, we did not spend any time at all with the main cast of the show but with two new characters. And yet, it worked because of the compelling performances of Garret Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman and because their characters were written like real people with painful pasts who had somehow found each other in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Fear The Walking Dead, S4 Ep5- LauraThe episode began by showing John’s comfortable but solitary life. As far as Fear the Walking Dead survivors go, he’s in a pretty good situation, materially. He has his own cabin and supplies (electricity too, probably from a solar panel somewhere.) There’s a ditch in front of his lawn to trap any wandering walker. He gets to eat popcorn and watch movies and go fishing in peace. An idyllic experience. But one spent alone.

Then came Laura, or Naomi as we all know her. She washes up outside John’s door one night with a deep gash in her side. He nurses her back to health but she makes it clear that she wants nothing but to run as soon as she is able. We’ve known that much about her when she first met Alicia and the others in the baseball stadium. Like Morgan, she prefers to be alone.

The beauty of this episode is that John respects her decision and gives her the space she needs. Although he is so desperately lonely and is such a kind and generous host, he never pressures her to do anything and is just as hospitable as ever. Initially, she is wary of him. After all, he seems too good to be true.

Fear The Walking Dead, S4 Ep5- LauraBut eventually, she lets her guard down, though not too much, and they become friends. They soon are able to share intimate details about their lives, though Naomi doesn’t do more than admit that she once lost a child.

We get more insight into John’s past as a cop and his aversion to using guns, even when defending himself against walkers. He does decide to use his pistols to save Naomi from a horde and proves to be a talented gunslinger. He admits that he stopped using guns after he accidentally shot a mugger in the leg and the latter died from the wound.

In a very poignant moment, John admits to Laura that he loves her and that he doesn’t want her to leave. In sincerest terms, he says that he wants her to be alive because the world would be more alive with her in it. She reciprocates his feelings and they share a kiss.

But she is gone the next morning, leaving a note via Scrabble tiles saying that she loves him too and that she’s sorry. We understand her fear of growing close to someone in a world as harsh as Fear the Walking Dead. Though her fate is still unknown because it’s possible that she survived the stadium fiasco, there’s still something tragic about the way things ended between her and John.

The episode concludes with Morgan somehow encouraging John to keep living, since they are still alive somehow. They walk away and it’s comforting to know that neither of them has to take the long road alone.