FOX Isn’t Planning More ‘X-Files’

FOX has just released its 2018-19 schedule – and it does not feature a mention of The X-Files.

As EW reports, FOX TV chairman and CEO Gary Newman has stated to reporters that the network currently has “no plans to do another season at the moment.” After an eleventh season with lackluster ratings, as well as Gillian Anderson’s exit from the show, this news isn’t surprising. The star herself is certainly not surprised, judging by her tweet on the subject.

And speaking as a devoted, long-time fan, after the extreme unevenness of the past two revival seasons, I must admit that I’d prefer it to end, rather than feeling obligated to endure another confusing, aggravating season with only a few highlights. (And without Dana Scully, I doubt we could even count on having those highlights.) Of course FOX may change their mind next year, but at this point I’m sadly hoping against it.

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