FOX Cancels ‘The Exorcist’ After 2 Seasons

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FOX has officially announced the cancellation of The Exorcist after two seasons. The horror series, which gained a cult-like following but struggled with strong ratings, returned for season two despite this. Sadly, after its 20 episode run, The Exorcist is the latest victim in FOX’s cancellation bloodbath.

It’s not the headline I wanted to bring my fellow fans (and there’s already been a lot of outrage across social media), especially when The Exorcist offered such a powerful, horrifying second season that somehow surpassed its first. This show was like nothing else on network television and I’m devastated that it won’t be allowed to continue. (Not to mention we’re being robbed of a reunion scene between Marcus and Tomas, which is equally sad, but I guess that’s what fanfiction is for.)

For 20 episodes, The Exorcist gave us a chilling expansion of the original film and stories of people struggling against both a supernatural evil and the demons within themselves. The storytelling compelled us to the very last moment. The visuals were stunning every single week: beautifully composed episodes that made us feel like we were watching a new horror film every time. Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera gave us one of the most unique, captivating duos to grace the small screen in recent memory. Their relationship was vulnerable and emotional and humorous in equal measure, a powerful bond created from some incredible performances throughout the series. It had a star studded cast that included moving performances from John Cho and Geena Davis. The Exorcist offered so much for those who did not often see themselves represented on screen and made great strides for the LGBT community in the horror genre. The show tackled tough subjects while entertaining the hell out of us and giving us nightmares.

I had a lot of fun covering the show this past season. Thank you to everyone who read my reviews and shared in my weekly fangirling.

Needless to say, we’re going to miss The Exorcist. If there’s a chance that fans can rally to give the show another home (and we’ll update you if we hear anything), try out the #SaveTheExorcist hashtag. But even if nothing comes of our efforts this time, thank you to the entire cast and crew of The Exorcist for two incredible seasons.