REVIEW: Westworld, S2 Ep3 – Virtu e Fortuna

Westworld, S2 Ep3 – Virtu e Fortuna

Another new park is revealed as Dolores continues her revolution and Maeve her quest to find her daughter in the ruins of Westworld.

Rajworld westworldSo, does Delos thrive on building racist parks or what? First, Westworld itself with the white cowboys decimating the Native American population and the negative portrayal of Native Americans in general. We already know about Shogun World. But the opening scenes of this episode showed us where the Bengal tiger that washed on the shores of Westworld could have come from, a place called “Rajworld” which shows the a lavish world of India under the British Empire. So apparently, there’s a market for oppressive imperialist fantasies. Who knew?

The episode opens with the magnificent view of Rajworld right before things go crazy and one of the tiger hosts attacks a fleeing guest. This is a clue that all the hosts in the six Delos parks have been awakened and have begun rebelling against their oppressive masters. The scope of Dolores’ revolution is bigger than even she can imagine.

Westworld, S2 Ep3 – Virtu e FortunaA lot of the action from this week’s episode takes place in Fort Forlorn Hope (as cheery as ever) where Dolores gathers a larger army by enlisting the aid of the Confederados only to have them as bait for the Delos security forces. The soldiers capture various other victims, one of whom turns out to be Peter Abernathy, Dolores’ father and a precious host that Delos and Charlotte Hale are desperate to get their hands on. Bernard is brought in as well (though he eventually escapes to join the people in the “present” timeline.)

Westworld, S2 Ep3 – Virtu e FortunaDolores gets a few moving scenes this time, taking a break from her bloodthirsty revenge and rage, to tearfully speak with her father (who has garbled memories of her) and with Bernard/Arnold. It’s been a while since she and Bernard spoke to each other and back then, he had the upper hand. Now, the roles are reversed and she orders him to try and fix her father. As he does so, he also tries to figure out why the Delos group is so keen on getting Abernathy.

Maeve continues her quest with Hector and Lee Sizemore. We get another sense of how much the latter knows the park and the hosts when he remarks that Hector and Maeve were programmed to be alone and that the woman Hector supposedly loved should only be Isabella. Hector argues that he realized that Isabella was just a voice in his head and that his love for Maeve is real. It was convincing until he started saying the lines that Lee obviously wrote for him. We start to question whether Maeve’s love for her daughter is real and not just a part of her programming. True, it’s motivated her this much and gotten her this far, even when she had the chance to escape the park last season. But will it be enough?

They also encountered some Native American warriors who Maeve remembers from her days as a homesteader. Hector somehow knows their language too. The group grows as they bump into Armistice, Felix, and Sylvester, who join their merry band.

At the end of the episode, Maeve’s group stumbles upon the wreckage of an attack which Lee recognizes and recoils from in horror. The group is then attacked by an angry Japanese warrior, who will surely lead us to Shogun World. I can’t wait.

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