REVIEW: Killing Eve, S1 Ep5 – I Have a Thing About Bathrooms

Killing Eve Ep 5

Spy and assassin come face-to-face at last in a tense dinner scene in this episode of Killing Eve, as Villanelle invites herself into Eve’s home and the two share some shepherd’s pie and barely-concealed threats.

Killing Eve Ep 5It’s easily the best scene of the series so far because it finally brings together out two leads in a very significant way. Of course, they already shared the same space way back in the premiere, and they even made eye contact and had some sort of interaction at the beginning of this episode. From the moment they became aware of each other, these two women have developed a strange obsession with the other and even a weird kind of bond. The episodes are also charged with a certain eroticism from Eve’s fascination with the glamorous new clothes from Villanelle and the latter’s blatantly flirty comments to Eve about her body.

Killing Eve writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge discussed this dynamic in an interview with Vanity Fair:

“I knew that the first moment they see each other. I labeled that moment as ‘love at first sight.‘ But I didn’t want it to be constrained to romance, or to lust, or anything like that. There’s something waking in Eve every day that she spends imagining what this woman is doing.”

But it was the dinner scene that was the highlight of the series and probably the culmination of their growing fascination with each other. It was tense and unpredictable, mainly because we can never guess what is going in Villanelle’s head.

Eve is able to see through Villanelle’s teary-eyed act about not really wanting to be an assassin because Eve has done so much research on the latter and she knows that Villanelle was born to be a killer. Her not falling for this puts Villanelle on her guard and amuses the killer as well. It was unwise of Eve to goad Villanelle too much, calling her a psychopath and threatening her with a knife. The younger and more capable fighter didn’t need much to overpower her opponent and even a mention of Nico’s mustache was an effective enough threat. But despite the hostility at the start and end of the dinner, there were some moments when even Villanelle was caught off guard.

Killing Eve Ep 5Waller-Bridge says:

“They’re most powerful not when they’re being strong or badass with each other. It’s when they’re vulnerable.”

The episode was peppered with darkly humorous moments like all of Villanelle’s awkward jokes (particularly about Eve’s wardrobe: “Is that a sweater attached to a shirt?”, the mention of the exact manner of Frank’s demise and then a scene with frying sausages (real subtle), and even during a tense moment, Eve’s embarrassment when she reveals her pass code to Villanelle (1-2-3-4, so much for information security and data privacy, Eve!)

Honestly, I’m surprised that Frank lasted this long. Villanelle wasn’t about to botch a mission and the only reason she delayed in executing her target was for her to spend some quality time with Eve. He also revealed some valuable information about the organization Villanelle is working for (his motivations don’t do much to stir sympathy for him.) He was one of the more pathetic targets Villanelle had to face and she was really more irritated with him than anything else.

But we saw that the information he gave Eve and Carolyn Martens (still a mysterious character) was news to her too and she managed to drop a hint of what she knew to Konstantin, as another veiled threat after he revealed that he knew the truth about what happened with the two other assassins from last week. Maybe the bigger story of Killing Eve will be both Eve and Villanelle learning about the real nature of The Twelve. Now, that will be quite a journey.