REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 3.08: A Heart of Darkness


“We go in as three, we come out as three.”

Our favorite characters are nearly on the cusp of what Lilith’s true intentions are. Each character has really done their part in doing so. But we’re most likely not going to figure out that outcome until next week’s finale. Two hour finale, I should mention. What I loved about “A Heart of Darkness” is we saw some unlikely duos and trios work together in order to both save Jace and defeat Lilith. Or if you’re Clary, just save yourself.

The Light(woods) in the Dark: Given that Isabelle, Alec, and Jace are siblings, it’s odd that I find this an unlikely duo for the show. I guess we haven’t seen that much from these three together in quite a bit. That and with Magnus helping, it reminds me that I don’t think Emeraude and Harry share that many scenes together. I’ve seen many shows and films tackle the challenge of going into another character’s mind to prevent something bad from happening or to solve a problem. But in my opinion, Shadowhunters takes the cake for their execution of this. I might be (well, am) incredibly biased due to my love for this show, but there are many components why this worked well.

We saw brief glimpses of flashbacks that wonderfully portrayed the Izzy/Jace/Alec bond, from in their adolescence and in present day. I honestly don’t think I really saw how close these three were until this episode. Second, Dominic Sherwood needs to get a standing ovation for his performance in “A Heart of Darkness.” The amount of pain and suffering that has been inflicted on Jace is unreal and we better see the eventual recovery from Lilith just as much as his abuse. Please don’t swipe this under the rug, writers! What did you guys think of this plot? I’ll admit, I’ve never been the biggest Jace fan, but you have to acknowledge how much he’s suffered over this past season, heck even the majority of last season as well.


“I will gladly let my family die in order to save my people.”

The Werewolves and the Daylighter: Where do I even begin with this story-line? This is what’s held my attention the most throughout this season. Sure, some of it has to do with the fact that Alisha and Chai are some of my favorite actors. But I think it wasn’t until this episode that I really understood just why I love this plot-line so much. The fundamentals of Maia and Jordan’s relationship has so much history and it’s such a grey area. How are we supposed to feel about him? Should we put Jordan Kyle on our hate list because of his previous actions? Or should we see that he’s changed because of everything he’s doing for Simon and the Praetor?

Maia herself is in the same boat as me. She sees how much he’s changed and how well he knows her, and bursts out in a fury, “Just let me hate you!” Maia and her loved ones have built the guy who turned her into a werewolf as this ever hating scumbag, but when you look at Jordan, you see a completely different person. It’s a lot to process. So much in fact that Maia is leaving town for a while. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll see this storyline be resolved any time soon because of Maia’s upcoming absence, which is a shame. Are you as torn about Jordan as I am?


Mischief so not managed.

Clary and the Clave: Unfortunately, Clary spent the entire episode held up with the Clave in the Gard. Can we just take a moment to process the fact that Clary just originally wanted to stall some time for Isabelle and Alec while they captured Jace? Now she’s paying the unfortunate and unnecessary consequences. We also saw more of Jia Penhallow, and I gotta say – I’m not a fan. She make season 1 Maryse seem sweet. Given Clary’s sentence from the Clave, it’s safe to say that next week’s finale will be a rescue mission for our favorite fiery redhead. And with the Clave knowing about the Raziel’s wish being no more, what do you think will be the outcome?

Honorable mention has to go to that brief Maryse and Luke scene we received. When it comes to this pairing, I really do love them and appreciate their recently discovered similarities (being exiled from the Clave). But over the last few episodes I’ve taken in a bit of a different perspective because of the Shadowhunters timeline – or a little lack thereof. It may seem that at least a year or so has gone by in the series, but it’s only been a matter of a couple months. Luke only lost Jocelyn a month ago, if that! Did the poor man grieve properly? I think the writers should consider a little time jump for some of their relationships to really appear to have that connection. What are your thoughts on this? Am I incorrect with the span of time? But with all that said, I do love the softness Maryse now has since being de-runed. It’s like all that stress of making nice with the Clave is behind her and she can just be a normal person now. It’s lovely to see.

What were you thoughts on 3.08: “A Heart of Darkness”? Leave all your thoughts in the comments below!

This is it! Next week is the 2 hour mid-season finale of Shadowhunters season 3! When it comes to the show’s finales, you just know it’s sure to be one wild ride.