REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E20 – The One Who Will Save Us All

Oh, man. This episode. So good, and so intense I had to pause just so I could scream a few times.

I’m still a bit sad Gravi-Talbot killed Hale. Not that she didn’t invite it by trying to use HYDRA programming on an uncontrollable supervillain.

So, you know how it seemed like it was going to be a really bad thing that General Talbot decided to make himself into Graviton last episode? Yeah. It’s really bad. Also, if you were wondering how in the heck the show writers could pull off a way to make this show tie in with the events of Avengers: Infinity War, then you don’t need to worry about that anymore. I mean, other than because those events are worrisome in themselves. The point is, it appears they’re going to be answering all those questions before the season finale, too.

So: first off, kudos for having Talbot address how he’s handling the two other guys in his head right off the bat. But I have to agree with Coulson, I don’t feel all that comforted by his answer. Maybe pre-torture pre-brainwashing Talbot would have been better able to actually retain a clear mind … but then again, maybe not. Also, much as the scene where Talbot uses the gravitonium to absorb the green guy from the Confederacy council was genuinely impressive, it did seem a little derivative as well. Hmm, where have I seen something like that before? Oh, right: a little show called Agent Carter.

I bet Adrian Pasdar is having the time of his life with this character, though. Sure, he was on some other TV show about people with powers back in the day, but did he get to chew the scenery and walk around in a badass supervillian cloak on that one? I don’t think so. (I guess I honestly don’t know for sure, since I ditched Heroes sometime in the second season I think.) Plus, he gets to be the linchpin for the remainder of the season. After the promo for next week’s episode, though, I am doubting whether or not he really is the Destroyer of Worlds, or whether Daisy will end up filling that role after all. Either way, though, another crucial question has been answered during this ep. I’ll bet a large sum of money* (*note: no actual bets will be placed) that the reason Future Yo-Yo said trying to save Coulson will end the world is because Daisy’s cure she wants Fitzsimmons to produce from the Centipede serum and her mom’s DNA will somehow end up being stolen by Talbot. He wants to be invincible, after all.

Craig Parker as Kasius the elder has been delightfully slimy and manipulative already. I’m sure I’ll hate him at least as much as I hated his son, by the end of the next episode. Basically, all you have to do is mess with Daisy, and it looks like he’s alllll about that.

Continued friction between team members is painful but very believable. Curious to see what repercussions Fitz’s conversation with Mack will have as we move forward.

LEMONS! Thank you, show, for including this bit of payoff.

Finally, how do we think Talbot is going to be defeated? For some villains on this show, the answer was more obvious. With Aida, I knew it had to be Ghost Rider, for instance. But for Gravi-Talbot, I don’t see as easy of an answer. I hope Deke is a crucial part of it, though. (Even Deke himself is wondering about his place in this timeline – especially now that his lemon gesture didn’t have the effect he was hoping it would!) Following how this show usually goes, he should by rights end up having a very important part to play.

How do you see the Talbot/alien invasion storyline playing out? Do you have any predictions? Let us know in the comments!