REVIEW: The Flash, S4 Ep20 – Therefore She Is

With DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) seemingly at his most powerful, “Therefore She Is” takes time to focus a good amount of attention on Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht), detailing her motivations behind working with DeVoe and why she is assisting him with The Enlightenment. Portions of the episode are told in flashback as we see the early days of Marlize and Clifford’s relationship. Additionally, “Therefore She Is” follows up on Cisco’s (Carlos Valdes) decision to whether or not join Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) as the new Breacher and delves further into Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and his slowly decreasing intelligence.

The moment you realize your husband’s a psycho

While specific details on what The Enlightenment truly is aren’t revealed, we get the sense that it has something to do with ridding the world of its technology. DeVoe’s methods have and will continue to lead to the deaths of multiple people. Marlize, despite having objections to DeVoe’s intentions early in their relationship, ultimately sides with DeVoe after a militia murders those in a foreign village she was attempting to help by creating an advanced water purifier, as seen in an effective flashback sequence. Seeing firsthand what some would do for advanced technology, Marlize gives in and joins DeVoe.

“Therefore She Is” ends with the start of some redemption for Marlize as she finally realizes how evil her husband has become, and successfully leaves him to figure things out without her assistance. While this moment was satisfying to see, there is still a lot for Marlize to do before she becomes fully redeemed. Perhaps in future episodes she can assist Team Flash in taking DeVoe down once and for all, but for now it’s good to see she made it out of a hostile and destructive relationship.

While the majority of the episode focused on the plight of Marlize, much of the episode dealt with Cisco and Gypsy. Cisco has been sitting on the decision of whether or not to take over as the new Breacher and join Gypsy as her partner. At first it seems as if Cisco is just conflicted over leaving Team Flash for another Earth, but as the episode progresses we find out his thoughts are much more complex. Opening up to Gypsy and admitting that he wants more from their relationship, and finding out that Gypsy is content with the way things are, leads to a somewhat emotional end to their relationship. So, two relationships end in “Therefore She Is,” one being more welcome than the other.

As Wells continues to lose his intelligence he is tasked by Joe (Jesse L. Martin) to distract Cecille (Danielle Nicolet) as they prepare a baby shower. While Wells’ condition doesn’t improve just yet, his chances become a bit better as Cecille is able to read Wells’ thoughts before he forgets them, leading to her helping him solve equations he couldn’t before. With this new development we can hope that together they will be able to find a solution to his problem.

No more Vibe and Gypsy

Sprinkled throughout the episode, “Therefore She Is” contained some strong and dark moments. Marlize sees firsthand how evil DeVoe has become when he forces a security guard to shoot himself. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) attempts to take on DeVoe head on in order for him to somehow bring Killer Frost back out of her. The climax of the episode leads to a fun team up between Caitlin, Cisco, Gypsy, and Barry (Grant Gustin), though it was ultimately fruitless. If it wasn’t for Marlize, this battle may have ended with a much darker conclusion.

“Therefore She Is” turned out to be an overall satisfying episode that helped flesh out Marlize a bit more to the point where we can start to sympathize with her, while also successfully developing other aspects of the series so far. Finding out more explicit details on The Enlightenment would have made the episode a bit more satisfying, since right now DeVoe’s motivations for wanting to rid the world of technology don’t seem all that clear. He just feels technology is bad, like an older person who worries their grandchild is on Facebook too much. Hopefully his reasoning is explored a bit more in further episodes and we find out what he truly intends to do to humanity with the power he has gained.